WW2: play games

In addition to Spring1944 to play games about World War II?

You didn’t specify genre, so I’ll just shoot out anything with allies on it:
War Thunder
World of Tanks
Battlefield 1942
Blitzkrieg (I don’t really play it, but I’ve played it)

Yes, I’m sorry!

Strategy games or similar to srping1944.

It would be nice that there was a similar game to the series “Total War” on the WW2 (strategic map and battles “even with the graphics of Spring1944”).

I’ll settle for a normal graphics similar to “Spring1944”. :slight_smile:

Company of Heroes maybe, haven’t played it though…
I seriously doubt there’s anything like s44 out there.

Men of War series are very good.

What do firms “Sudden Strike 1, 2 & 3”?

Played Suddenstrike 1 or 2. Man I just remember how my little tiny units got smashed.

My fav.:

  • BF1942
  • BF Vietnam WW2mod
  • BF2 + FH2
  • CoH 1 + Blitzkrieg mod (one of my Nr.1 versions)
  • Arma 2 Invasion’44

Besides WW2

  • Anno 2050
  • C&C Generals
  • Thandor: the invasion (first FULL 3d RTS as far as I know)

And there are much more but I cant count all of them.

I always hope that S44 will outmatch those games. Thats why I will always come back to this game and Forum and hopefully I can do 3D Models again if needed. I really miss working on Models and talking to the S44 Devs. :wink: :blush: