Worldwide nuclear tests visualisation


Pretty cool sight.

Note: numerous small blasts all over the USSR are the ‘peaceful atom’ uses - about 80 bombs were used in construction projects, mainly to create large underground cavities or to move large masses of earth, literally mountains, to build dams (there were other non-military uses too).

s!cK xD Good that Germany is bashing Nuclear Plants… :smiley: No more nuclear power in Germany yay!! But moving mountains with those blasts… is crazy. Our Earth is already small and cracky so using nukes in the underground what would that cause? The westphalian (NRW) area I live in is full of little holes cuz we once had a lot of coal mines. And today cities are build on them… …we also sometimes find presents from the Allie bombing campaign of World War II in the ground but thats another story xD imagine using a nuke in the underground… just for what? srsly moving mountains and creating cavities? This makes the ground not very useful in my eyes. Even if you want to build large underground Bunkers… The biggest underground bunker which is well known is near Bonn in Ahrweil and was build the classic way… in 12 years :smiley: btw Today we know that this thing would have collapsed :smiley:

Ironical the project was much more expensive and crazy then Hitlers vision of “Germania”. :slight_smile:

Anyways I can’t imagine to use nuclear blast in order to construct something.

Large underground cavities are used to store natural gas, which Russia then sells to you Europeans (and us Ukrainians too). Nuclear blasts are the cheapest way to build those, and if the gas is slightly active - who cares?

There was a project to redirect large rivers which now flow into Arctic ocean to flow south, into Caspian sea (where fresh water is scarce). It was planned that a chain of nuclear blasts would create a trench suitable for that project. Test trench (short, only 3 bombs) was even created (there is a lake there now, still noticeably radioactive, but not dangerous), but it was soon found that radioactivity levels would be higher than expected and resulting super-river will have unstable shores.

And as for abandoned mines, I live in the Donetsk coal basin region. We have lots of those. Mines were closed in 1990s-2000s, and now are being flooded by underground waters - not a good thing.

In future we want to use our old Coal Mines for Energy (heat and stuff). Some of them are also flooded with groundwater we installed pumps to pump the water to the surface. The pumps are checked by people thats why some coal mine lifts are still used. The last well known Coal Mine in my area was blown up some years ago (2005) I was live there :slight_smile: .
They used a new technique with water to Blow this thing up. I think they used the water to keep the smoke at a minimum. You can clearly see the water spreading on the beginning.


Anyways even if cavities are just small radioactive its more than nature would allow or?

Natural gas is slightly radioactive by itself (as are most fossil fuels), so probably storing it in nuclear-blast-made cavities doesn’t add much to that.

Pumping water out of mines requires money, and mines were closed exactly because they weren’t profitable. No one is going to invest money into a closed mine, so no pumping. At least until those mine waters start to flood nearby houses, but by then it’s usually too late to just pump them out. That’s how it works there.