Wishlist for mod options

Just some things that could be fun to play around with.

Always visible flags:Yes/No
Was available a while ago. Turning it off improves FFA.

LoS multiplier:0.1-20
Could be used in conjunction with range multiplayer.

Grenade range multiplier(AT-infantry aswell?):
When range multiplier are set to 8 grenades work more like grenade launcher and kills everything that comes in nade range.

Decloak range multiplier:
When range is increased, decloak range propably also needs to be increased.

Cloak all infantry:Yes/No
Gives all infantry cloak.

Cloakrange all infantry:1-2000
Sets the cloak range of units without cloak.

Infantry damage taken multiplayer:
Riflemen will miss most of the time at max range when range multiplier is set to 8. Increasing the damage taken from small arms could spice things up.