[WIP]:Voice-acting-samples/sounds German

Hey guys,

since there is no one doing voice acting anymore I promised to do some samples (months ago). My exam time is over (thank god) but In a couple of weeks I will do my placement/job-taste (you may know what I mean) as part of my education. Until then I have time to do some work. I also did some Blender works but thats another story.

So I will post my Hardware and I will wait until someone is responding if it makes sense to try it with that Hardware:

My Headset is a “SpeedLink Triton Stereo Headset” at least nothing professional.
The environment is pretty much village style so no annoying City sounds (if we maybe come to different sounds). For Voice-acting I would use my netbook (asus 1215n) in combination with the headset. I would record them in the basement (of course no professional MIDI just 3.5mm Audi Jack, 2.1)

I even tried some recordings with my mobile phone some days ago but my voice sounds younger then it really is which is annoying -.- (on the other hand I’ve also recorded some of my entire calls with friends and my voice was fairly well there I think)

So I hope that way I will get some better sounds done.

And what about vehicle sounds?

I also would do the effects work if there would be a solid tutorial for audacity to implement this radio effect quickly (especially if you do a lot of recordings). I have an old Samsung SGH-D500 maybe its old enough to do crap recordings but I don’t think so ^^

So thats it, “Kartoffel” (prev. doing the voices) is no more responding to me.


Okay after more then 4 hours of work I have 124 sound files available including Planes, Tanks and Infantry.
They are all saved as “free lossless audio codec - .flac” total 56,4MiB

Recording wasn’t easy especially emotional parts (more or less) but I like them.

I want to do some effect work before I want to hand them out, anyone ideas?

[—EDIT 2—]

Okay here are two Samples they are .ogg Files my RAW files are available as .FLAC files like already said. I added a radio effect on both samples.

Here you go:

[—EDIT 3—]

So here is my full list of recorded sentences: (Go for the attached file its cleaner to read)

[—EDIT 4—]

2 more Samples //playing with effects

I’ve added two more files to the Samples.zip one does have a background sound the other does have a “indication” effect typical “walkie-talkie” style.

What do you guys think?

Looks pretty good. I think most of theese could have use if not all them.
Especially the ones about suppression and pinning. It could really benefit the learning curve and draw attention on the first times infantry get pinned or suppressed.
On my wishlist there is also notification about when your supplies goes so low that infantry get a fire reduction bonus. (Currently 50 supply).
They could say something in the line of:
“We are getting low on ammo. Shoot to kill.”
“Save your bullets for ‘insert nationalistic slander about enemy here’.”
“Running out of supplies.”

Another thing to further solidify learning would be different types of radio distortion, different types of pinging sounds or different sound effects included with the voice as the audio clip starts. This could be everything from smallarmsfire, bolt action sounds, sounds of engines, ringtones, different radio cut off sounds and such.
Alerts of moving out, unitclasses and being attacked could each have different themes.
This could be applied to all factions but since there doesn’t seem to be a general guideline of unitresponses and that the implementation seems quite massive so you could propably disregard this to a large extent.

The voices sounded good in the examples.

thank you.

I didn’t thought about doing such sounds like “We are getting low on ammo. Shoot to kill.”. I think about to add them to the Intel area like: “Our troops getting low on ammo”. But directly adding them to the infantry could get annoying after time.

I’ve done 124 recordings as raw .flac files. I’f I’m getting more advanced in Audacity I can do better stuff. At the moment I try to find a fast and clean technique to work with the raw sound files.

I’ve already added more “white noise” to introduce the soldier (so on the beginning of every file and on the end walkie-talkie style) but I also tried to make them less annoying.

There’s also a bug in game if you select only ONE unit and if you then “paint” a path where the unit should move. The unit is instant spamming your headphones. Every 1cm… “Moving out” - “reached area” - “moving out” - “reached area” …[…]

I tried to make the radio effect not as load as the other effects I listen to In-game.
My ears often cry when they here that effect, so I try to make it a bit “smoother” more cleaner for the ears. :slight_smile:
Vehicle or engine background sounds or guns or something idk how I should do that but I think there is not really a need for it. Back at this time the radios weren’t good enough to catch everything in the background. They were also mainly mono.

Anyways I still work on the perfect effect setup for the files.
I will add your Idea to the voice-todo list.

In general I think my effect is very near to the real one: YouTube Should I try to do the effect he’s doing at 1:49 ? ^^

My idea was that this would propably only be played once globally when infantry gets a firerate reduction at 50 supplies.
Other things that could be played globally could be airplanes sounds a few seconds before they actually enter the battlefield so a player can get ready to select them immedietly.

Kind of a highpitched noise. If its associated to some specific event I guess it could be useful but otherwise it would seem abit annoying perhaps. Hard to guess before its ingame or added to a voice.

My general take on sounds is that they actually provide useful information and ease the learning curving and improve feedback by introducing similiar audio elements that the player can recognize. I don’t know how potent the current audio message system is in spring engine and Spring1944 and making it more advanced might require quite abit of coding.

This was removed a while back (1.51) for performance reasons.

I thought we just removed the energy drain when infantry fired…I’m pretty sure they still have a fire rate deduction.

Just checked, fire rate deduction is still there:
(starting line 160 if game_InfSupply.lua)

if ValidUnitID(unitID) then
	-- Stalling. (stall penalty!)
	if (stalling) then
		SetUnitWeaponState(unitID, 0, {reloadTime = STALL_PENALTY*reload})

Makes sense, I tried to make them useful and a bit funny at once at least for those who understand them. However I tried to make them serious too. Especially the attack sounds.

I will add more samples.

The problem with the radio effect is that the radios sometimes do sound different sometimes more noise sometimes less noise.

[—EDIT —]

I added two more samples to the “Samples.zip” check them out :slight_smile:

I usually listen to where the bulletfire come and go with my camera there when I hear it. I can even hear if the enemy uses snipers that way(some Nations snipers have different sounds but you can usually single them out if there isn’t too much fighting going on).
At a second glance bulletfire from a specific weapon might be confusing though when there are no units firing that weapon and if the sound is played globally and not from the position where it happens. Does it currently play globally or from the position of units being attacked?

Sounds of mantleting guns for submachine gunners, riflemen and ammunition belts from machine gunners when you select them could be cool and good for recognition. *drools

The sound is played very near so a CQ / MP40 squad would fit best to such a sound file. It was mainly a test how effects would fit. I plan to add a “loading gun” (tank) effect in the background if you tell a unit to attack. What do you mean with "mantleting " ? I don’t really get your point somehow.

Is it for you now good or bad that the gun sound is played during this event?

So I should add If I imagine this specific file would be added to the game I would give it only to MP40 units (since its a MP40 in the background / units fire back) and I would make it as rare voice since there are also other voice files for the same event (units get attacked heavy and report that / pinned) Also my overworked voice-files are not as load as the ones actually ingame… so it shouldn’t confuse (especially if you imagine that I will add this “walkie-talkie introducing style” effect (white-noise) on the beginning and the end of the file (on every I guess)… like I did with the other… so It should be fine or?
You can also clearly here the difference between the overworked MP40 and the original file in the S44Main/sounds folder…


“mantleting gun” is propably not correct english. I haven’t found the correct term. When you arm the weapon, put a cartridge in the chamber, I mean. The sound of arming the weapon I mean.

If it is for MP40 units it should be fine I guess. Although you can still propably hear the sounds of the ingame MP40 aswell. Don’t know.

It sounds nice. Especially if diffferent units and/or different situations will have different themes of “walkie-talkie introducing style”. Thats my opinion atleast.

thx the one I did is abit more soft to the ears I think. I will do different ones between the Tanks radio and Infantry radio… since the tanks radio was heavier and had a bigger range I think… was also more powerful in general while the infantry radio was smaller but less range and stuff I think… so

I will do more samples later based on the experience and feedback i got now.

For vehicles like tanks i will do the reloading sfx in the background… however I didnt found the reloading sound the RoyalTiger is using… where can I find it? I’ve checked the …/sounds/ more than once. Just shooting sounds… and Engine sounds :-/

Okay I’ve done one entire folder (Selection | Ground) and I overworked one Sample and added it to the (Under Attack | Ground) Folder.

I really hope you guys like it. I have two different introducing and End effects for Infantry and Vehicles. Also the Radio like effect is not always the same. Depending from situation, speaker and performance of the radio they all do have their own little touch. This wasn’t easy work it took me some time so please give me fair feedback.

Planes will also get different effects. Next up are planes of course.

Ships and stuff will also come. If I finished the most files I will make the raw .aud (audacity) files available. Oh I’m pretty sure I will overwork one file again but thats minor…

Nobody checked the newest voices I’ve uploaded weeks ago. Never mind I’m at a 8 weeks placement for now I will freeze my work until I’m back In some weeks. I hope you guys noticed that I’m still here and I love to contribute. I know that some of you guys are busy as well. So, see you then!

Hey guys, I’m back for some time now… again. In some days I’ll upload the full RAW-unedited sound files. I hope I can manage this until the end of 2011 :slight_smile:


RAW_SOUND_FILES_GERMAN 75.2 MB Took me 45minutes to upload :slight_smile:

They are all .flac files I guess I already mentioned that. Audacity works great with them. The files itself are written in German so you need to check the .txt file to pick the right one (I wrote this .txt file on a Linux system, it might look shitty/“unreadably” on Windows :blush: ). I sorted all the files in different folders but at least the folders have a English translation.

In my personal opinion they must get newer and better sound effects than the sound effects used at the moment in-game. I hope you guys have a lot of fun listen to them :slight_smile:


Also, to my status as Contributor:

I’ll try to help out here and there with modelling on demand.


I plan to reorganize my last mod plans (you might remember this funny mod called “Spring : Modern Warfare”) since Modern Warfare is already present in all “modern” games I’d rather plan to overwork my plans and make something like a Spring1944:special weapons mod or something similar but this will be in far futur… ^^ “one day”


These are great, thanks N3mesis! It’ll probably be a little while before we go through all of them and figure out which to plug in/how to do effects, but we’ve been paying more and more attention to sound lately, so I know we’ll get to it. We’re certainly going to wipe out spiked’s hilarious “german” from the vehicle voices.

Sounds nice, I’ll try to find my way back in to the game lobby if not I’m still online @ the forums. And if there are voice files missing or you need special ones then just create a list I’ll head for it.

I really need to play the latest version soon. Last time I played S44 was 8months ago. :-/

I realized that the Link is down, is some1 able to mirror/upload it again if its not already in place? I still have all files, but Its pain for me to upload it.

Thanks to koshi for reuploading my audiofiles.

Here you guys go: RAW_SOUND_FILES_GERMAN 75.2 MB