[WIP] Stalingrad

Hey guys, I am working on the stalingrad map, il keep my progress in here.

todo list:

-apartment blocks
-Residential housing
-Crashed ME-109
-Stalingrad statue’s
-sunken barges in the Volga
-Pavlov’s building.

map layout:
-Volga through the middle, diagonal line
-Russian banks have a depression behind them for katuschka launchers, tactic was used to bombard the german positions then safely retreat to the lower side of the banks.
-when building destroyed, block of streets for tanks. happend with the germans when they reduced the city to ashes.
-flanking? Should there be any way to surround russian troops in city? or should the city hold a large amount of command points so that the army’s will be forced to take it by all means? Winter or summer setting?

IMO definitely lots of command in the city. It was that important, for both sides.
As for the setting - preferably winter (or late autumn with snow = winter anyway), since that’s when most of the battle took place.

i would do a factory or two lol, but im busy for modelling etc.

Makes sense to me. I can always convert it back to a summer setting.

No problem, didnt expect to finish this off in a week anyway :smiley:

it really can take longer time but i hope i can go one working as fast as i can.

Guys, i have a couple of screenshots i’d like to post in the WIP section but it appears only developers can post there. Should i post the thread here so that someone else can move it there? Or will someone else create it?

Either way is possible. Moving thread would probably be better though.

Only devs can post? That’s weird. I’ll move this thread over anyways. Contributors should be able to make threads there. hum.

Try again. Contributors should certainly be able to start threads in the WIP Gallery now.

First building in completed state

Start of the factory’s

C&C welcome! :slight_smile:

Looks great snark. Have you started sketching heightmap or map layout yet?

Yep ,started working on the heightmap, found some great ways to create it from ground up in photoshop. Still experimenting with the do’s and donts for heightmaps.

Sweet, looking forward to what you create.

This might be helpful for heightmap creation: springrts.com/phpbb/viewtopic.ph … 41&start=0 (3d map editor for spring).

i try to begin with factorys next week or so… (if needed)

Sure nemesis, sounds like a good idea!

Nemo, im still working out on how to create a working map for the game, so far the results havent yielded anything useful yet.

The map is based on a actual map of Stalingrad itself. Should be interesting.

EDIT: crashed ME-109. Still need to make a tail and elevator on it. Based on a photograph of a real 109 in stalingrad.

sorry i really want to do that but i have to much school business to do… sorry dude

this is gonna be soo cool when its done.
oh i cant wait… :smiley:

Spiked/Zvero says he still has these:

If they are of any use to you

that could be great FLOZi!

sorry for being absent in the past few weeks, been very busy with new school projects so im working on this in my sparetime nowadays.