[WIP]:New sound effects [Explosions, Guns]

Hey guys,

besides doing german voice acting I also could trying myself on doing effects, I didnt played the newest version of S44, but I remember that there were some horrible and some very good sound effects.
So I thought about redoing some or what is possible, with firecrackers! So recording firecrackers of all sizes plus using different objects and trying to figure out different sounds/effects (for example the sound, when a projectile leaves the barrel).

So I expect that the following effects should be possible without putting audacity in action: (but using it for modification anyways…)

-Explosions on ground (firecracker + sand or something else)
-Projectile leaving barrel (a regular barrel+firecracker)
-Explosions on concrete/hard surfaces, grass/ground/mud/snow what eva
-Building explosions (yes that might need audacity for scaling up’nd shit, because I can’t blow up my entire neighborhood ^^)
-Explosions on Steel (projectiles hitting tank huls/penetration or getting mirrored from it away)
-Explosion sounds from a specific distance

-Maybe Its even possible to make better machinegun sounds (small crackers+steel barrel+audacity)

So what do you guys think? Is there a need for it? Already someone here who has experience in it?
I would try out myself on some trials In a couple of weeks with small firecrackers.

To point out the legality of this, In Germany we have as usual everything standardized that includes the firecrackers to a specific size. So there is a limit on the explosion size and therefor the sound.


Not sure how good firecracker sounds will do for big guns, but it’s worth a try. Make some and then we’ll see if they are better than what we have.

I still can try some polish or belgium crackers, or I ask the Bundeswehr for some grenades, cuz…they don’t need them anyways in future.

But to stay serious, I will do some Samples. And I will try myself on audacity. I have a better micro now, and a good place to start. Expect some trials, somewhere around the end of December and the beginning of January.

Still in planning. I got my hands on some good crackers. I still wait to get a pod for the micro.

Hey guys,

i just want to say that this idea will be part of my long-term-to-do-list. At the moment I have neither a good place nor a good micro-tri-pod thingy.
So I will do slowly on that. :slight_smile:

Well, the problem is. Those sounds can sound different depending on the speakers. It sounds very different on my Netbook speakers (more like a blast on hard concrete, while on headphones it sounds like a nuclear blast). Anyhow I managed to get my starter setup right.

I hope I can start recordings on a bigger scale soon.