[WIP] New German Barracks


Using Nemesis’ model, but altered; I made it a single building rather than two side-by-side, and remodelled the generator trailer.

Will have a wood shingle roof, but not sure about the outer walls; I was going to do it as white-painted aluminum siding but with the roof this might give it a “Hawaiin” look.


With aluminum siding:


wow i love you!!! looks so awesome. äh by the way what was wrong with the generator? to much polys?


God no, far too few. :stuck_out_tongue:


okay… i now… go… …and do some math…




Made it two stories.

Eventually someday I hope we can have it able to be fortified, with troops firing from top and bottom windows and such.


What happend to the building/barrack? Its not in game like the Storage bunker etc… (since I played last time)


The only thing preventing its inclusion is a destroyed version. IMO destroyed versions are much harder than full and I really don’t wanna do it :frowning:


well, it looks like the building is made with wood. If a tank shoot at it or a soldier throws a granade, then i dont think that there would be much left… except the basement… iam actually ill and can’t work constantly at the pc…

i would give the barrack a simple big boom effect (the generator works with gasoline i think???) and nothing is left… for the first time and later we or i can do the destroyed version =)