[WIP] Mod 1940

First models on s3o and obj files.


Planes, ships, rest of ground forces
S3o files

Two new models Char D2 and Canon 105

buildings, too or do the tanks fly in the map?

do you mean base need to be the hull and not a empty object?
I should redone s3o files then, :wink:

He probably means factories that produce the tanks. Surely France needs its own tank yards? As well as barracks, etc.

Aps, first i’m trying to finish ground models, later planes and then i should start with yard models.

well i meant yards cuz i understand know why you guys dont wanted factories lol

So we should set up a S40 mutator, much like S44Finns is set up - using a dependency modinfo tag.

Can someone start laying out the major differences in gameplay between S44 and S40?

(very early concept as I see it)
Unlike S44, tanks play much more prominent role. Since there are no dedicated anti-tank infantry and most AT guns are light (25-47mm), medium and especially heavy tanks (not all sides even have heavies!) are quite unstoppable superweapons. On the other hand, vast majority of tanks on all sides are light and/or cavalry/cruiser (fast and lightly armored).
Ways to fight tanks are tanks of your own, heavy artillery (hope for a lucky hit), minefields and infantry (not 1-shot kills like S44, but still able to overwhelm a tank), attack aircraft (Stukas with bombs, whatever for the French - they surely had something, etc.). Some sides (Germany) have a dedicated tank destroyer (PanzerJager I) which works quite like current Marder (only its gun is mere 47mm), but most sides have no such vehicles.
Infantry combat is the same as current, BUT there are no dedicated AT inf (not even PTRD was available in 1940) and maybe some weapon models are different.
Artillery is also the same, BUT there are no rocket launchers.
Aircraft works like now, only with different planes (some sides still used biplane fighters even, etc.).
Naval combat is the same, again with some different units.

Supposed sides for such a conflict: Germany, Britain, France, USSR, maybe Finland, maybe Italy, maybe Poland even (it fought in 1939 and its unit composition is imo comparable to others at that stage). US is probably out (US tanks prior to M3 medium are just lol), as is Japan.

Supposedly interesting units (as in unique to the side):
Britain: Matilda II tank (nearly impenetrable armor, but its 2pdr gun lacks good HE rounds), soem kind of Cruiser tank (maybe even the nulti-turret one)
France: Char B1bis (good armor, relatively good weapons), Somua S35 (relatively good armor + good speed)
Germany: Pz. IV ausf D (short 75mm gun, was considered a heavy until Germans learned what a heavy tank ACTUALLY looks like :slight_smile: ), StuG III ausf B (armed with a similar short 75mm, turretless as all the StuGs - moderately armored assault gun)
USSR: T-34 (early models with L-11 gun, worse than later F-34 gun) and KV (again early model with a poor gun), maybe KV-2 (omgwtf 152mm superweapon, with 3 shots per reload…)

Light tanks/armored cars should be available early and be moderately priced, so they are a viable choice. Mediums/heavies should be a considerable investment, but their arrival can turn the flow of battle.
Amphibious units should be a rarity. Infact prewar only USSR had a sizeable fleet of amphibious tanks, and even those only carried heavy machineguns at best (so not good for much besides raiding and scouting).
Early T-34 and KV also had exceptionally poor visibility, while early Pz.III and Pz.IV, to the contrary, had better observation capability than those we have in S44. French B1bis suffered from poor crew composition (commander manned the turet solely and had to aim and fire turret weapons while commanding the tank - that probably means poor RoF for the turret gun). Matilda, as mentioned, had poor HE (sometimes no HE at all). German Pz.IVD was not really up to heavy tank standards in armor department. So each side had its own drawbacks.

Proposed lists of new units for 1940 era, tanks and artillery lists. Still to be added: aircraft and ship lists.

France - that’s JCanseco’s part


SdKfz222 Armored Car (20mm autocannon)
Pz II ausf. (something, not sure which model to pick) - light tank (20mm autocannon)
Pz 38(t) ausf. (something again) - advanced light tank (37mm gun)
Pz III ausf F - medium tank (37mm, or if we take late ausf. F - 50mm)
Pz IV ausf. D - heavy tank (short-barrel 75mm)
StuG III ausf. B - assault gun (short-barrel 75mm)
PanzerJager I - tank destroyer (47mm, light armor a-la marder)
(maybe) Sturmpanzer I Bison (150mm self-propelled direct-fire howitzer, light armor)

PaK 35/36 - 37mm light AT gun
PaK 38 - 50mm AT gun


(some kind of armoured car, I think the Daimler was introduced later than 1940)
Mk VI light tank - light recon tank (0.50 machinegun)
Matilda II infantry tank - heavily-armored tank (2-pdr gun)
(maybe) Matilda I infantry tank - heavily-armored tank (0.50 machinegun)
A13 mk II Cruiser mk IV - cruiser tank (2-prd gun, high speed)

2-pdr AT gun - light anti-tank gun (full 360 degree traverse!)


BA-10 heavy armored car (BT-7 turret with 45mm gun)
BA-20 light armored car (DT machinegun, scouting unit)
T-26 mod. 1937 light infantry tank (45mm)
BT-7 fast tank (45mm)
T-38 light amphibious tank (DT machinegun, very light armor)
T-28E medium tank (76mm)
T-34 - advanced medium tank (76mm)
KV-1 mod. 1939 - heavy tank (76mm)
(maybe) KV-2 - heavy assault tank (152mm)

45mm AT gun - light anti-tank gun
F-22 divisional gun - nearly the same gun as ZiS-3, but looks different

Having been playing FH2 singleplayer while waiting for my internet, the idea of a North Africa-centric mod interests me.

Ok, then a list of Italian units will be nice to add there (them being in N. Africa in 1940).

So, Italy:
AB-40 Armored Car (twin 8mm MG)
L3/35 tankette (twin 8mm machineguns), or maybe “L3 Lf” flamethower (lancia fiamme) flame tank
L6/40 light tanks (20 mm gun)
M11/39 medium tank (37mm gun in the hull, twin 8mm MG)
M13/40 medium tank (47mm gun in the turret, twin 8mm in the hull)

None of the Semovente types were available in 1940.

I started to play FH2 on multy 2 years ago, i like new update, maybe we should contact them
to see if they can help us, it seems they need modelers, :wink:
I wanted to see upgrade prototypes too like Char B1 Ter or Carro Armato P40.
Two prototypes for every army should be enough, or maybe one for every class (vehicle, air, ship)

First try texturing, Panhard 178
Still a lot of details to do, :wink:

how is it going?

Still alone with development, and involved on another project, but i started again with uv and textures, :wink:
I hope someone can help with scripts, but i need italians and finns to complete armies for this mod, :wink:

Scripts are easy. Ask in #s44 when I’m online.

If you model those Italian tanks, Yuri, I will get to them once I do the 1944 ones.

As for Poland…

Guns - ~4000

~12 Ursus / Samochód pancerny wz. 29 - Armoured Car (Outdated)
~40? Samochód pancerny wz. 34 - Armoured Car (Less Outdated)
~6000? Trucks, Probably Fiat?

Tanks - ~900
~575 TK-3/TKS - Tankette
~120 7TP - Light Tank - (Vickers 6-Tonner Localization)
~200? Renault FT-17 - Light Tank
49 Renault R35 - Light Tank

Aircraft - ~400
160 PZL P.11c - Fighter (Outdated but well-piloted and maneuverable)
31 PZL P.7a - Fighter (More severely outdated, used out of need)
20 P.11a - Fighter
120 PZL.23 KaraÅ› - “Recon-Bomber”
45 PZL.37 Łoś - Bomber (Purported to be the best combat bomber up to 1939)

Most of the fleet fled to GBR under the Peking Plan, but four destroyers, one torpedo boat, one minelayer, two gunboats, six minesweepers, and five submarines remained.

Perhaps various numbers of these, as reported by Wikipedia?

M-14/19 10.0 cm Artillery Cannon
vz 26 7.5 cm Artillery Cannon
M-97 7.5 cm Artillery Cannon
M-29 10.5 cm Artillery Cannon
M-17 15.5 cm Heavy Artillery Cannon
Bofors 4.0 cm Anti Aircraft Cannon
Bofors M-36 3.7 cm AT Cannon