[WIP]Missions/Setup - Loadscreens

Well, longtime ago i made really cool/good looking loadscreens for Battlefield 2 now i got the idea to make some better looking loadscreens for the maps. Actually i talked to yuri and showed him the first one. I fix now some lightning bugs in them and try to make 3 different resolutions.
This is actually just a idea and if you guys like them for sure you can use them. The result will be in the .png file format in


-1440x900 (widescreen)

Any ideas for a second resolution?

I will show you some renders if i fixed them.
Oh and i hope you mind the textures lol…

Okay i uploade a render in the jpeg file format and in 1440 x 900 resolution. Its just a example how it should look like it have two bugs but they get fixed i also want to add more on the table to make it more “real” so if you want new loadscreens say it and i finish the work.
For the first time its just one loadscreen in different resolutions and more a general loadscreen.

I bet with some photoshop editing it would look awesome in the end :slight_smile:

So i renamed the Threat, now the idea is to make that kind of loadscreens only for the missions. The current Screen im working on can be used for the Windows Setup Installer/Installershield

Demo Render:
I think to replace the lamp/light and give it more detail i also want to add 2 more photos and some other things im not really sure about.

1680 x 1050 :stuck_out_tongue:

oh dude then it takes longer to render xxxD does Spring support that resolution in any way? lol

Spring supports any resolution your videocard can handle.

okay we will see first i need some people to agree to the idea ^^ to go on

I like it, i will need loadscreens for 1940 mod, :wink:

Im sure i can find time for that after this, just let me know what you want then.