[WIP] Italy Soldiers [COMPLETE]

So here are some renders of the Italy soldiers, Yuri already saw them^^

Renders: OLD

It only needs a texture.

The Highlight is that the model dont have that much Polys [MAX-file] as the others, also spheres at legs and hands make animating easier.
The model have some mistakes that will be fixed as fast as i can a download for the model will come later.

Looking good, though, of course, the texture will make or break them.

at the momment there is a problem with polys that i need to fix, i hope i will be able to fix it this week.

Okay lol i overworked the model and know it really have 993 polys and around 790 verts.
I need to say the old ones looks better but this is a low poly model:

I personaly like the old ones more but it had more then 1000polys however, i hope you guys like the new italy soldier ^^

Just modify the current S44 soldier model…

yeah i thought to take the current German soldier and give it another helmet i think its the best xD cuz the one i made at last seems like a monkey ^^

Okay with exactly 1000Polys the Italy Soldier is ready for the texture-front lol however new Helemt new hands (which allow to animate the hands too) and 80 polys lower xD and alot of Verts lower… hes ready to fight for the Italys.

Download, located in the attachment.

Ok, good. I can probablly make it an untextured colored (like my ships) model to test animations.
Is it the mine detector he holds btw? We’ll need Italian infantry weapons (rifle, smg, light mg, heavy mg, AT rifle, inf mortar and maybe more) modeled to add to the soldier.

yes cuz i dont know how you need it so i thought let the detector be detector xD, let me know how many polys/verts a weapon can have and i model you a weapon if i get the name xD