[WIP]Italy Buildings/Structures[COMPLETE]

So i began to work on the missing part of the Italys, the buildings.
The concept is to use more the idea of tents then hard buildings. So i reworked the HQ it got a open tent, with a radio mast. And two camos you can see on the left and top of the HQ picture.

Green = Finished; Red = Canceld; Black/Neutral = WIP

Italy Headquarter, Barracktent, Vehicleyard, Gunyard, Tankyard

Italy Headquarter FIXED!

Italy Barrack-Tent

Italy Vehicleyard

Italy Gunyard

Italy Tankyard

OKAY! The Buildings are finished. You will notice that the Yards are nearly the same. But they have some differences.

MFG N3mesis

So the first renders. I hope you like my Design idea… lol.

Okay all done (:

Looking good! I think I’ll add those to my texture list.

I’m just thinking – the hq radio mast – it is representing something about it being able to call in planes? Looks like a radar dish, radars appeared only very late in the war and were much bigger at that time. Likely 3 times the tent or something.
If the radio is there to communicate with higher command, they would most likely use HF. And those HF antennae would be rather different in nature, most likely it would not be a vertical (also not a dish on an obelisk) but an inverted Vee from a pole or longwire suspended from a tree.

I passed amateur radio examination for 2nd class a year ago.

Oh and yes, Marconi was an italian, it would seem like a good idea for a radio aerial at italian HQ (and it still is), but actually Tesla invented radio, and Marconi was his disciple. Later, Marconi claimed all the rights to it (as Tesla had plans more grand and didn’t care for this type of applications) so that he could sell his apparatus to the military powers of the world. Tesla however had patented his stuff and went to court, and won just a few days before his death in 1943.

Well, I am always open to criticism. But this respond comes now very late.
Anyways nobody really had a idea how the italy buildings/structures should look like so i decided to implemt my own ideas.
What you see there is a simple radiomast which should represent it as HQ (cuz you may noticed that all buildings are “tent-like”). And as normal player you will not notice the radio because its under the tent and i think not everything in-game must be 100% perfect (which is indeed impossible ^_^)
The radiomast can be scaled bigger for sure.

Anyways it was hard enough to find something which is not bulky - like, like the other factions buildings.

When I finish the concepts for the Finnish buildings, would you be interested in perhaps making some of them?

Yes we can! I mean yes I can do it. Just don’t make the concepts to complex (detailed), because I have also school stuff to do.
Just make a threat and post the concepts. =) I could also do the UVW - maps :slight_smile: If its easy otherwise some one more professional must do the UVWs.