[WIP] French structures 1940 mod

After searching a bit, this are my propositions:

French HQ:

Piece of Maginot Line
upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/c … line_1.jpg

or this one


Hard to find, barracks, i was thinking to use a short wwi french trench,
as they improved fortifications and used old tactics.


Same as others, but different vehicles.

Sugestions welcome, :wink:

yeah its true there isnt that much,what about using as barracks the old German barracks (which are currently in-game)? And for yards also the current versions, because the got replaced anyways in future. for a HQmaybe we can also make a tent style HQ?

like this:

armysurplussalesonline.com/i … midal1.jpg

I think tents would be a much more “real” way because there arent that many armies building Hard buildings in Hot zones, except if they are secured enough…

However, i must write now 2 exams every week until December, so it will be hard… to plan to model something during the time. But i hope to find some minutes to start on 1 or 2 concepts.

okay this is annyoing me now >:-( I cant install 3Ds max on Windows 7 -.-

Okay then the French Buildings must wait until i fixed the problem -.-

okay, problem solved =)

Okay i finished a first concept Destroyed and normal version! (Renders follow later) Anyways i used somekind of a modefied or occupied house style-HQ because a Bunker HQ like the Germans would be a direct copy and i think not really cool. It was hard to find something else but this should be okay.

Renders will follow later!

Okay i made a mix of a House and a Bunker(more or less)
the House have 3 Windows the other windows are closed (which should be textured on the structure). I also added a basement. For sure a door and a Flag, too.

Model: French HQ /+Destroyed version

French HQ:

French HQ Destroyed:

So I hope you like the idea. Its something else then Bunker’s and Barrack style HQs

It’s confusing and doesn’t look like it’d make a good model. Is the bottom door supposed to be visible? How will that work with terrain? If terrain is at the level of the door then you’ll see the “foundation” of the rest of the house well above ground level. If terrain level is at the level of the foundation, you won’t see the door…

the terrain is under the door for sure? the rest is just the basement the thing next to the door (which sourrounds the building) is some kind of extra protection with concret (ger. Beton) everything under the door-level is the basement. Which will be under the terrain.
So yes the door will be visible :slight_smile:

Pretty structures, hope to see them in action, :wink:

Good news: I found one artist, Emmanuel Baranger, that made some pretty french aircrafts (and for other armies too) that fit perfect on this mod.

flightgear.org/forums/viewto … =45#p69652

Sorry to be out of orbit, but i was too involved in FlightGear.

Textures on those aircraft look a bit simple. May need some re-painting. Models are good though.
If you need some more air, I can model them (but not texture). Feel free to ask (same with ships).

I will be more than happy if you can model any aircraft, and ship from unit list.

I’m sure that textures are not final, but i hope to find someone that can help making them, as there are some good artists in FlightGear forum.