Bump! New wiki! Work in progress. Media wiki is pretty easy to work with, I did a lot of cleaning up this afternoon in a few hours. Once I have admin powers I’ll be purging more remenants of the transition process, but everyone is encouraged to jump into fixing things/creating redirects/renaming pages (with the “move” button).

Images will be returning, also - they haven’t vanished for good, just references are bad now.


[s][size=50]This is a WIP, but Spiked and I (mostly Spiked) have already filled in quite a few articles under the “Guide” section (mostly about Germany, kind of as an example). If you have a forum account, feel free to contribute/fix stuff up/etc. More the merrier! Images are also in DIRE shortage right now, so adding pictures to articles is an awesome thing to do (assuming they’re relevant and so on).

Particularly appreciated would be someone who has a good idea on how to structure the main page, since I have no idea how to do so in a nice way.[/size][/s]

really great :slight_smile: But wasnt the Focke Wulf superior over the Spitfire?
In a English doku they called the Focke Wulf as the best Fighter plane during that time. Maybe depending on the versions? idk.

Anyways this will give me the possibility to add a few more things to the German wiki article i made for the game. (Which already includes a complete german beginners tutorial with screens and stuff ^_^)

Panther ‘Combat Effectiveness’ section is taken verbatim from the Panzer IV, and is therefore, quite wrong.

So fix it! Anyone with a forum account can edit it. Devs have certain powers/access to various top level pages, but anyone is capable of fixing stuff like that. Just make sure you’re logged into the forum on the same domain as the wiki (ie, use for everything all the time)

I finally remembered to put a redirect for
I could just as well implement the redirect for spring1994.{eu,org}

How do we make edits? I noticed an error on the King Tiger page (not introduced until summer of 1944, first action in Normandy) and I’ve also been thinking over some input about vehicle strengths/weaknesses (example being thin side/rear/top armor on Panther, vulnerability to fire from those angles).

If you’re logged into the forums with as the domain, you should see an “edit” button in the lower left of the screen when you’re viewing a wiki page.

I don’t see an edit button. The page is showing me as logged in under my username, but only buttons I have are “Show pagesource,” “Old revisions,” “Logout,” “Index,” and “Back to top.” Clicking on “Show pagesource” brings me to what looks like it should be an edit function, but it says it’s read-only and to contact an administrator if I think it’s wrong.

This is with me logged onto the domain.

Alrighty, looking at it now. Should be an easy fix.

Edit: actually, I’m not sure what the dealio is. It says registered users have edit access to the guide pages, and you are a registered user and that is a guide page.

the auth class needed hacking, should work now

Works perfectly now. I made some edits to the Tiger I and II, Panther, Panzer IV, and Marder articles. I’d be happy to contribute to the others, but not knowing the game stats for the units someone else will have to fill those in.

Awesome, thanks Tiger!

Don’t worry too much about the game stats stuff - those are pretty straight rips from the game’s internal files, so they’re easy to update by anyone who knows how to get to them. I really like your work on those tank articles.

Thanks. One of the first things I did when I got my hands on Spring 1944 was to go over to Wikipedia and check up on the various units, especially the tanks. I also post over on the Naval Warfare Project’s forums, and in the historical thread we’ve had a few tank discussions. That gave me some ideas going into the game about what units I should be relying on.

I also put in some tactical suggestions, although bear in mind I’ve only gone up against C.R.A.I.G. and have never managed to beat it on more “open” maps, although that’s due to my infantry and light vehicles getting cheesed before I can get a tank depot running. When I can get tanks going, I go ridiculously heavy - I usually have 14-28 Tiger IIs backing up my front lines as basically mobile artillery and keep 22-44 Panthers and a smattering of Tiger Is and Panzer IVs as fast assault forces and armored reserves, respectively. I’ve gotten a feel for what some of those units are best for - the Panther is devastating in the textbook “armored spearhead” role favored by our more experienced players, although historically they were very vulnerable to flanking attacks and not good at close-quarters fighting (German commanders in the bocage country and urban fighting in the Battle of the Bulge actually preferred the Panzer IV due to its smaller size). The Tiger II is devastating if used properly - screen them with dismounted infantry and put them somewhere where they can just pummel your opponent’s armor columns.

Woah, Tiger, thanks for adding all of the soviet and US tank articles! They look really good, great work.

Thanks, I got the bug while I should have been working on my M.S. thesis - procrastination, thy name is me.

I didn’t include stats because a) I was too lazy to open up the game files and have a look and b) I figured those might well change when we go to the “M” series anyway. Ergo, some of the statements made in those are solely based on historical information and in-game observations; I really have no idea if in the game the 76mm on the M4A3E8 is on par with the KwK 40, although Wikipedia’s piece on the Sherman says so. Likewise, according to the Heer’s wartime assessment of the IS-2, it’s rated in comparison to the Panther as inferior in frontal protection and superior in side and rear protection, although some of those claims have to be taken with a grain of salt. The Soviets claimed that towards the end of the war German armor plate was rendered brittle by resource shortages, although US Army testing and wartime reports of resource stocks indicated that the Germans were able to keep up the quality of the materials used in AFV construction. I think it’s quite telling that despite Soviet claims that the Tiger II’s armor would crack under repeated pounding, plenty of German tank drivers came home after taking 20+ hits and there’s only one report of a King Tiger with a frontal armor penetration.

It’s also interesting to look up some of the details like nicknames and such, especially for the Russian units - let’s just say that “Zveroboy” is about the least colorful one out there.

Actually, they are almost identical. :smiley:

Great, I got that one right then! I may do the British tanks at some point soon, and maybe the Soviet guns - if nothing else I want to get in the reference that Soviet troops were enamored enough of the SU-100’s destructive power to call it the “****ing end to everything” :smiley:

huh° :unamused:

i want to note that the Panther’s sloped armour wasnt a copy or sth. like that one from the T-34! Germans already did test sloped armour earlier.
Well thats how i understood the Wiki article. May i missunderstood it.
Anyways the wiki is great.

The MAN Panther actually beat out another German tank design, Daimler-Benz’s VK3001 and later the VK3002, which were pretty much direct copies of the T-34, enough so that if the VK3002 had become the Panther I imagine German tank crews would have had one hell of a time sorting them out from the enemy in a firefight (although quite a few T-34-76s were captured and pressed into service by the Germans in 1941-43).

The Germans did already test sloped armor, but seeing how effective it was on the T-34 kind of convinced them to put together a tank that used it as effectively. The Tiger I was essentially a big square armored box (a classic engineer’s solution - “add more metal”) that had more frontal armor than the Panther but was less effective.

Just want to add a note of encouragement - the wiki is really becoming awesome! The next step is images!