Wiki update

The dokuwiki code is horribly out of date, there have been numerous security and full releases since. I think I’ve tried upgrading it once in the last couple of years and had to revert to backup because that failed horribly.

I’ll probably start with a vanilla dokuwiki install this time and copy the content over. I’ll leave most of the plugins out for starters, since those were the biggest issue in the update process. I’ll try to get the phpBB auth stuff back in, but tbh I’d rather have a clean, secure dokuwiki install than this old mess we have now.

In short, wiki will go trhu some stuff, be partially unavailable and whatnot for some time this weekend :slight_smile:

Why do we have docuwiki rather than mediawiki btw?

Was simpler to setup I guess?
If you want sth else, now’s the time to speak up.

I prefer mediawiki but I dunno how much I’d do with it anyway.

If someone wants to try the content conversion I’ll install mediawiki.
Otherwise I’ll go for the mediawiki update?

I guess just go ahead with the docu update

Ups, somehow completely forgot about this yesterday :slight_smile:
The parallel chat with nemo on lobby ended witht he conclusion:
I’ll install mediawiki, we’ll evaluate the porting workflow from dokuwiki and if that works out someone that isn’t me would do the porting :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, this tumbled down my todolist for a while. You can now login with your forum account on
I currently have no idea wrt admins and such and the only extension I installed was for phpBB user auth.

Turns out i could import all pages automatically with some script magic. Someone would just need to over them now and sort/check/whatever. … entChanges

Awesome! Going over it, it looks like links were not transformed: none of the imported pages kept their links to other pages/images. If there’s a script solution to this, fantastic, if not, I can get started manually fixing up pages/hierarchies.

Hmm, one could prolly write a script to go over all pages again once categories exist in mediawiki, but I don’t think that would be easy and therefore not worth the hassle.

so, how’s the verdict? Keep and redirect main menu link or throw away?

Probably best to move, and we’ll just collectively fix links/images over time - the old one seems totally broken at this point. I was going to say something about trying to rescue images from the old wiki, but it seems that one update or another has nuked them entirely from the old one :frowning: Is there any chance those screens still live somewhere on your server, koshi? There’s no hope of them being associated to wiki pages, but lowdive and a few others put a good amount of effort into beautifying the old wiki pages with screens, which I could plug into the new one if they still exist.


There are a bunch of image files in the ~/htdocs/oldwiki/data/media subtree.

koshi - I don’t know how closely you watch the ftp logs, but I downloaded part of that collection of screens today (unsuccessfully at first, since I wasn’t paying attention to the fact that my ftp client was pointed at a restricted local location). Poking around the file structure, it seems like there must be a way to just pick up that old wiki media collection and dump it wholesale into the new one, but mediawiki has some scheme for handling uploaded images that I don’t quite get (newwiki/images/…stuff).

Also, we lost a few pages here and there due to Dokuwiki keeping a page hierarchy and mediawiki not (ie, in dokuwiki we had guides/units/United States and guides/factions/United States…only one of them made it through the transfer). Shouldn’t be too hard to scrape them out of the old one, though.

Any chance you could make me an admin on the new wiki? There are lots of pages that need outright deletion.

There are no ftp logs to watch :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t have time to dig into file structure and stuff atm. If you discover what goes where and just need help with copying that I can do. Or ask zcram, he’s got shell access since yesterday and prolly knows find, xargs and cp :wink:

I’ve made you and zcram mediawiki admins.

brilliant, thanks.

Actually I don’t think the image stuff is going to be excessively painful to do manually - just some serial uploading (there aren’t that many of them, really).

koshi: htdocs/oldwiki can be safely nuked, I grabbed everything potentially of value (screens/articles), and most of it has already been duplicated on the new wiki. it looks like htdocs/dokuwiki and htdocs/new_wiki are empty installations of dokuwiki - those can die too.

as far as general cleanup of our web space - flozi, can we kill the “blueprints” dir? all it has is a blueprint for the archer. How about “Demos”? (one random demo + a random version of zombies which is probably there by mistake).

And so I’ve nuked them quite unsafely. We could bother him less :wink:
(As long as the directory permissions are favourable)

yeah no need of archer bp or demos