[Wierd startup error]I brokeded it.

And on this day, the great rsslcs returned from the relatively shallow depths of the s44 forums to post an annoying little topic because he probably messed up somewhere redownloading spring and its games. Oh well, my return coulda been more spectacular but tough, I guess…

Anyway, completely pointless paragraph over, I lead you to the sole part of my post that actually matters to anyone who is looking to see some kind of a bug buried somewhere in this huge mass of useless text.

Ahem… Sorry about yet another load of gibberish, my problem is that when I launch a single player game using s44:test 3009 or 3010 or any other version, my starting troops fail to spawn on the map. So I am playing a game with absolutely no units or buildings. What’s even more confusing is that the game carries on regardless of that fact and must think that I have a chance of winning, somehow. I couldn’t see if CRAIG’s starting units spawned or not. But credit to the game, there was a nifty little point added to show me where my base SHOULD have been. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: By the way, I just found a version that works! So this can go riiight down your priority list of things to fix. On reflection, it was probably my bad for downloading the latest test version, after all, it is on the bleeding edge so not all the versions work as they should. :slight_smile: And I guess that renders this thread totally obsolete! :laughing:

What version did you find that worked?

This is a pretty serious error that I can’t replicate with SVN, so it’d be good to know exactly how you downloaded it and so on.

I downloaded through Spring Downloader, 3009 and 3010 didnt work, I tried this version and it did, although I did get an exit crash, although that is nothing serious. (infolog below.)

Tried to play the games vs CRAIG on easy, medium and also hard on the 3xxx versions, nothing worked, I havent gone earlier though so I dont know where this problem starts. Also, because the test versions are comprised of many small downloads is it possible that just my install is broken because of file corruption?

I guess so. I see no reason that the naval mutator would work when normal wouldn’t. :neutral_face:

Guess I need to test 3009 through rapid rather than just svn.

Ok, its an issue with CRAIG. Got it in SVN too.

I’m happy you found the problem! :smiley: And BTW, after eons out of the loop I newly have time to test for a few weeks! :no4:


same problem here. No units/buildings after start. Tried with test-3014 from rapid.

Attached screenshot and infolog.

Edit: If I start game without bot everything seems OK (except no game).

Edit2: Problem started with test-3005 (from rapid). With test-3004 everything is OK.

thanks guys. flozi found the cause of the problem, but unfortunately it has to do with the way that health bars are displayed (somehow), and we probably shouldn’t just disable health bars :stuck_out_tongue:

hopefully fix incoming in the next two days. if we don’t figure it out we’ll probably just turn off health bars in the meantime so ya’ll can play games against CRAIG.

With any luck, this should now be fixed in


[size=150]Please test extensively, this is a priority to get the new release out.[/size]

Thanks for the reply, I look forward to being able to hone my ultra noob skills vs craig once more! :smiley:

EDIT: Testing!

EDIT2: Works fine. BTW, I only played germans recently but im testing this with US too now, it seems that units have difficulty coming out of their barracks/factorys. When recruiting a squad, 3/4 of the units will make it out but 3 or 4 always seem to get stuck and need to be move-order spammed a bit to get them out. You probably saw this already but im just pointing it out, it might be fixed too because I saw this whilst playing yesterday, that was a 2xxx revision to play vs craig so disregard if that is the case.

I’ve tweaked factory yardmaps very recently, so hopefully that won’t be as much of an issue in the most up-to-date builds.