Why not trade the marder for a hetzer?

The topic says it all. Why is there a marder which is mostly from the 1942-43 period and yet the hetzer which is roughly from the 1944 period isn’t

The Marder was still in use to the end of the war, despite the nominal phase-out started in early 1944. Supposedly there were a bit more than twice as many (II and III mostly) produced as Hetzers, and not all Hetzers saw use.

The Hetzer was discussed in the past, probably in some visible area of the forum. Zvero wanted to add it as an elective upgrade/replacement, I wanted to add it to a new Heavy Vehicle facility.

Note; I’d include the Nashorn for Deployment.

The hetzer was superior to the marder in armor and it wasn’t open, you could also add a jagdpanther and jagdtiger for ultra punch

It would be something of a duplication of units - the StuG III already is in there as a more capable and better-armored step up from the Marder, which is essentially a very cheap and fragile but powerful TD. I often use them as stopgaps to hold back enemy armor while my tank and TD forces build up, and after that it’s good to keep a few in reserve just in case some vehicles or armor slip through the lines.

Trust me, if we were to put in every Sturmgeschutz/Panzerjager/Jagdpanzer in German service circa 1944, the build list would be off the wall. The Marder/Jagdpanther IV/Jagdpanther triumvirate already is a nice blend of light but powerful, deadly, and oh-crap-we’re-gonna-die.

the hetzer also had one of the first “remote” controlled MG42 on the top or? Anyways it was controlled from the inside ^^