Why biggest gun is not always better, or who needs Marders

I can’t read German so I’m not 100% sure that I understand this pic right. But seems so…

Well… i try to translate xD

“Development of the Panzerfwaffe” (Or ‘Armoured weapon’)

“The tubes getting longer and longer and also the faces of the soldiers which had to operate the heavy and every time getting heavier guns.”

"Where would this development led…

…if they had invented it not time to Pak on self-propelled?"

The red one is with google translated… i wasnt able to do it on my own lol
Iam sure the last one don’t makes sense xD.

Anyways the joke is that the guns are getting bigger and bigger and the faces of the soldiers who had to move/operate them too… so they are lucky that they invented the self - propelled Pak. Noticed the face of the soldier on the marder and the one on the 7,5mm pak? :smiley: