what do you need

hey all, i model and uv, and would like to help out. i just played with the latest release, looks pretty sweet. i think the infantry aspect is cool, it might be cool to add a constantina/ razor wire for infantry barricades that tanks or engineers might be able to destroy, but could what the military term is ‘channelize’ the enemy troops into machine gun positions. just an idea…

is there any thing i can do to help out? some one said somethign about redoing your infantry models but they look decent for a spamable unit, and i think i like them a lot.

im going to play a few more test games and see what i can think of if you’d like to hear about it.

has any one talked about implementing hand grenades as secondary weapons for infantry, and maybe bayonets/ melee bash as another option?

also bug maybe dont know… some times when infantry are down they jump up real fast an run with out moving legs, but they eventually kick in. also some of the units when aiming must have something in teh aim script that reset their x axis verticle aim cause they spazz up and down sometimes.

okay… just realised i updated 1944 however it is missing its dependancy, since i have Spring: 1944 Lite Beta v0.21 / Installer Version, not the (that one --> Depend0=1944publicalpha_v0.01b3c.sd7;) what ever file in which i cant find a link to.

SMG and riflemen already have nades as secondary weapons, they’re just hard to spot because the throwing anim doesn’t always kick in and the explosions are small. As for channeling infantry into places - we have sandbags that we mean to use once they’re less broken in terms of gameplay (we had them as features so friendly units could fire from behind them, but that meant that enemy units would be stuck behind them without being able to shoot).

a large part of this “infantry remake” business is the re-scripting that I’ll be doing next week to fix the various animation bugs (like the one you mentioned where they stand up from prone and then don’t move their legs). The plan is to get the framework all fixed up, and then I’m going to rewrite/write more anims for various actions so they don’t always move the same way for a particular action.

The installer version one is way more recent. However, hopefully flozi will get in touch with you soonish and talk you through setting up SVN so you can see/test the most recent bits of the game.

any and all feedback is hugely appreciated.

Don’t worry about the one that depends on b3c.sd7 - that’s from over a year ago (the ridiculous naming scheme is my fault…).

What types of units can you model? Ie I for example can do most technical stuff (vehicles/towed guns/planes/ships etc.), but cannot do a soldier no matter what. Plus I don’t UVMap.
We are currently in need of some more vehicles, even more planes and still more ships (missing vehicles are only a few actually). There should be a list somewhere, I’m not sure it’s viewable by non-devs though.

i can model just about anything, i can uv too but am learning so my UVs are not the prettiest and probably would not be on par with the rest of 1944. is there a list of anything i can call to try, ill post pics for Critique do a few drafts and send it to you guys, maybe uv it, or maybe work on some textures as i get better.

but i love 1944, it really brings out the whole ground war aspect that many rts’ dont give the feel anymore.

also was thinking today, for throwing grenades do you throw with the non firing hand, and some things that might help better animations but might be difficult at first: because spring wont let you move pieces to other hierarchies, you can simulate attaching a weapon to an arm and then slinging it with a null arm that moves with the arm as its ‘attached’ to the arm, and then folds up and remains unmoved as its on the back. well that is if you understand my my babble…

also i was wondering was there any sort of idea for implementing a defensive, ‘dig in’ like posture or transform for the infantry. or is it up to how well you build sand bags?

Well. I just spoke with spiked, and if you’re up for modeling new infantry, we’d much appreciate it. upper tri count limit of 700-900, considering that these units (especially riflemen and SMGs) are often on the field in huge numbers, so the lower you can go with tri count the better (while still keeping a good looking model).

spiked or flozi can UVmap and skin the model. I can handle animation. if possible, it would be awesome if the model were set up the same basic way as the ones now (so I don’t need to go through and change all the animation code).

If you’d rather not do infantry, we’re also gearing up to implement navies, so post here and someone will put together a list of boats that need modeling.

I’ve heard Russian Partisan model is particularly ugly (I must admit I wasn’t paying attention to it myself as I build them in groups and don’t zoom in on them - other things are usually more interesting), that might be a good place to start. Partisans differ from most other infantry in that they wear civilian clothes, so they have no helmets or anything of that nature (except guns, of course). Because of that their model is somewhat unique.

yah ill take a stab at partisans.

are airborne troops going to be implemented? ie: parachute, now that spring supports it? if so i can try and make some model concepts for parachute troops, maybe a 2 stage model to animate the chute opening, like a smaller opening chute and then the actual large chute?

We plan on having paras at some time, yes. But they aren’t currently a priority.

based some what off of these crazy ivans http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Soviet_guerilla.jpg

535 tris as of… maybe i should lower it since its the spamable partisan?

edit crap just noticed a bunch of quads that didnt get chopped, well its a draft…

The arms look a bit too fat, at least when compared to the legs :slight_smile:

Dion’t be too afraid of tri counts. Also, please use the weapon models already in use.

At least for soviet infantry. :smiley:

i thought you said to redo that weapon, because its ugly, because yah it kind of is

btw did you guys want the blood splatter effect i displayed in that lame space marine unit? and also you said its okay to throw a ppsh in there?

That would be violent.

yes, maybe too violent?

uhh what do you think so far? i think the weapons look nice, the face is kind of ugly but eh… its the russians. and the cap is the team color. screen taken from upspring.

only 691 tris

Cap is… strange (I can’t quite get what it looks like). The coat is fine. Face needs more wirk IMO. Of course, models tend to look different in Spring than they do in Upspring, so ingame shots might be better…

true let me work with the face a little more, and take some in game screens when im done porting it. i think ill edit the cob a little so at spawn it randomizes say 60% rifle chance and 40% smg and then make a blocker. just to see the different looks of each.

Yeah, the face is totally gimpy. Like, Jimmy from South Park gimpy. It needs to go.

Also, the hat…