What computer modelling program is used for Spring 1944??

What computer program is used to make models for Spring 1944, I have some experience with blender from doing some work on the mods for the game Glest, I can model and texture(kinda)in blender, so I was wondering if thats a program I can use for this.

I made models with blender :

you should recognize the bar :wink:

to export I use this :

Whoa thats a good model whats the file format that I export it to, thank you for answering

the format is 3do, exportation is bit tricky… read carefully the first post of links I putted before

Thanks I appreciate it, now I have to download the exporter and start modelling :slight_smile:

Wait, wait, you want to model for s3o, not 3do. 3do is the old and texture limited standard, s3o - while still a little old - is what we use for most things.

you’re right, my bad :blush:
I don’t know why I write 3do…

Okay thanks for telling me, I’m trying to make a sturmtiger :smiley: :smiley: though I’m not sure if it will ever be used

If you export to obj, someone who knows how to use Spring’s model authoring tool (Upspring) can guide you through the rest.

FWIW, I use Rhino, Yuritch uses AutoCAD, Zvero now uses 3ds MAX, but used to use Amapi 3D. As you can tell from that rather eclectic and ancient list, the software used isn’t of any concern, so long as the model is of high enough quality.

Getting new units into the main build is pretty unlikely, though they might go into tactics if/when zvero starts working on it again. Some of the current units could do with replacement models, though. Consider the Sherman improvements illustrated here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1026

Oh okay, I just wanted to make sure blender was fine for the models, thanks

Hello everyone!

If i model a tank with a turret, how to seperate the two parts, so s44 is knowing, where to rotate the turret on top of the body?


Model geometry has to be imported into a tool called Upspring in order to setup the hierarchy, piece origins and assign textures, to be exported into the engines model format.