What are YOU up to?

We’re a community, time to connect in ways entirely irrelevant to the cause of our unity!

So, really, what are you up to? Immediately, in general? How is life going? Anything on your mind?

I am watching Infinity: The Quest for Earth (Please don’t :no4: me) and waiting for it to be released…or in the mean time just playing some Korean FPS.

Its a great game in Development really cool.
I hope i get a girlfriend soon, any tips from over sea?

Do some more dumbbell flies and preacher curls. Having a chest really helps with the girls. If you don’t get sore at first you aren’t buildin’ muscle bro.

ähhh okay… any other ideas? lol

mhmm actually life is going good :slight_smile: i do my education as ITA (Informations Technischer Assistent) i really cant translate it but its a big area which have to do with Computer programming. I actually learn “C” with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 ^^ Really interristing. I also need to do a lot of Math and Algebra, Algorythmen idk the exactly names in english. Well I also visit a new school since 17.8.2009 in another city. The people there are really different from the people i know in my own city. Really strange =)
But I got new friends really etc. really cool. And at the momment i try my self on better UVW mapping :smiley:

So what are you up to?

I’m currently in the middle of writing my diploma thesis concerned with simulating fluid flow with the time dependent, incompressible navier-stokes equation using local discontinuous Galerkin methods. Have been for almost a year now actually. It’s utterly frustrating and time consuming, but at least I got nice office to spend hours on end being frustrated in :stuck_out_tongue:

Profession-mandated nitpick: N3mesis, (linear) algebra is math :wink:

yes Algorithm were programming and Algebra maths I actually learn “Gleichungen I Grades mit 2 unbekannten” and then in future Algebra… well my sister have ABI she studies “IT-Sicherheit” (It-Security) she learns the same now xD I hope she can help me with math =)

I’m hopefully in my final semester before I receive my degree, still working full-time, still formally single. For those who don’t know the story, I was engaged before, the relationship ended and I became more active around here while trying to remain socially active. I’ve been mostly working on my health, when I had my first bout of kidney stones I gained ten pounds, I worked that off but now it seems like I have more stones.

Been bouncing back and forth between stuff to keep myself occupied. Went to a party last Saturday and met a fairly attractive 17 year old (girl). Did a job last Monday moving shit-tons of shit around an office complex and my entire body STILL hurts 3 days later. It’s so bad I can barely masturbate because my arm is nearly crippled.

Friend from out of town came and crashed at my place for a couple weeks. Dropped the Eve Online habit (temporarily). Got Left 4 Dead today and I’ve been rocking that pretty hard. Today was pretty damned chili, a nice little slap in the face that summer’s over and winter’s just around the fucking bend.

Oh, also had an awesomely huge marathon of all Supernatural from Seasons 1-5 over the span of about a week. One of the god damned best shows ever. You should watch it. If you’re an intelligent person you’d like it.

I take it that you have your connection back. I’ll play Left 4 Dead with you when possible, you have my Steam ID? Neddie, look for Neddie.

On friday i go with friends in the city and make some party. We will play billard and we will drink :slight_smile: for sure only Orange Juice xD… no you know we Germans drink alot of alcohol…xD
I remember i go to Praq with my class in January :slight_smile: everything is very cheap there… especially the Vodka :smiley: And McDonalds :smiley: and i also heared they have a “Black market” where weapons get sold… lol
Damn… i need a girlfriend… German girsl are strange girls.

I’m spending lot of time on study and work. Not as much as Neddie; I guess I’m at approx. 4 days study a week and 2 days work. And in mean time full time Spring developer of course :wink:. At uni pwning on advanced algorithmics homework, although I still have to do the bachelor level algorithmics course. In the mean time also trying to successfully deal with working together on uni project with a bit “problematic” people, so to say. (I’m sure you know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever had to work together with others on school/uni…)

Besides that I like to have “some” beers on the Friday evening with colleagues, and this Saturday probably doing the same with friends too.

(It’s Leidens Ontzet then, ie. the celebration of the end of the siege of Leiden by the Spanish army in the Eighty Years’ War, when Leiden was freed by the “Geuzen” (“Sea Beggars”) at 2/3 October.) Suppose it will be a pain to be clear enough to do all the homework assignments this weekend :wink:

koshi: doing mechanical engineering master? It sounds a little bit related to subject of my bachelor end project, but then a few orders of magnitude more complex :stuck_out_tongue:
(and more theoretical)

Mathematics Diploma, started studies early enough to not suffer bachelor/master yet. The theory is actually rather straightforward. Implementation is what’s taking me so long. Then again I already got some improvements to the original solver idea that I can prolly publish after the thesis is done :stuck_out_tongue:

wow, okay the last weeks were hard… i wrote alot of exams and stuff it was like hell -.- And now I’am ill since last week :frowning:((((( Anyways i have vacations now and I’m able to help again on the team :slight_smile: So maybe we will meet each other in a couple of days on the Lobby or so.

Damn straight I do.

Anyway, I graduated a couple weeks ago with a BS in EECS and a BA in Physics (it’s a BA because the college only awards BAs because it also contains most of the humanities majors). Currently trying to figure out exactly what it is I’m doing next semester and bouncing around between uni and home. Planning to go to graduate school in CS.

Ostensibly I graduated as well. Did you get any message from the university yet?

Nope, supposedly it will take until March.

Let the resurrection begin!

I did indeed get my requisite scrap of parchment, but full time positions are few due to the economic slump. Faced with few options I decided to concentrate on making new ones. I won’t go into details, but one of the start-ups I’m involved in just sent off a business plan for perusal by prospective financiers.