we've been baixaki'ed, aka holy shit downloads

mostly caused by baixaki.com.br/download/spring-1944.htm it seems
server is coping (which i’m pleasently surprised of actually)
I did make a few adjustments that should keep even more people happy (had some timeouts on downloads)
thing is the installer is still at 0.79.X so someone should give a final thumbs up on the new installer for 0.80.4 so i can move that into place ASAP

edit: translation of that site

Tobi prepared an sdz that fixes 0.80 compatibility problems (no new features compared to 1.06 release, just those fixes). Here it is. Time for a new installer.

should I simply link the old filename for installer to the new? Or does someone want to contact that site to change the link they got?

I don’t want the installer to be misleading (installing 1.07 rather than 1.06), so ideally we should get in touch (or redirect to the download page?)

i can rewrite everything to anything server side, but yeah contacting them might be better.

In a couple of hours the installer downloads will have reached the 1TB/3900 downloads mark.
My server is still coping, however I’ve gotten reports of random errors serving springlobby.info (error 500) which aren’t traceable in error logs.

Imo the best option atm would be to setup a round-robin mirror script for serving the installers. This is easily done server side.
As for mirrors, sourceforge would be the simplest option since I could rsync files to it semi-automatically (if someone gives me admin on the s44 sourceforge project).

Edit: the absolutely simplest option would be to use the Sf mirror system directly ofc, but i don’t think that looks as good

Koshi: you now have admin access to the sourceforge project.

I’ve been wondering why the downloads stats on sf.net still say 0 downloads for a day now.
Realisation just hit me: that brasilian site still links to the homelinux url, for which I did not have the redirect to sf.net in place…

We should see those stats rising shortly now :stuck_out_tongue: