Well, I'm Back

At least, I hope I am. I can’t apologize too much for my absence, particularly during the past three or four months I’ve been itching to get back but I didn’t want to appear prematurely. I’m finally earning enough to live, if not comfortably, and I anticipate having much more time and much less stress in this coming year. So, what has happened in my absence, what are we concentrating on, and what would you like me to look at?

Come play games. :no4: _______________________________________ :wink:

I don’t know if I can both play games and work on games. I tend to burn out on one, and that takes the other with it. When do we regularly have games?

We don’t regularly have anything, but playing will be the quickest way to catch up with all the changes, tinyurl.com/s44log is the slow version :stuck_out_tongue:

Hiya neddie!

Nice to hear from you again, and to hear that you’ve found a bit of stability. Activity level has swung up and down, but right now we’re hoping to release 1.58 (Morgenrote) in the next couple of weeks. I’d say that if you’re going to pick playing vs devving, more than anything we could use more solid players - I’m sure you’re familiar with the situation where a few people want to play but there aren’t enough warm bodies for a 2v2 or whatever. But, obviously, do what you enjoy doing/find rewarding - otherwise why do it at all :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, what a coincidence, I’m back too. Finally decided to get a computer and such. I’d been living with a smartphone for Internet access for the past 8 months or so.

It occurred to me that we could -really- use somebody who focused on public-facing stuff like installers/desura/packaging. I haven’t really had time to both do dev stuff and post news/make installers/figure out desura and other distro systems that would make it easier to get into S44, and as a result we’ve kind of languished in that regard. Obviously no commitment asked, but if either (or both) of you would be up for that, I think it would help a lot in getting S44 in front of people who are slightly less neckbeardy than your average spring player. Maybe a tag-team effort?

I thought I’d found stability, but as soon as everything leveled out pragmatically, a social/personal bomb went off, which may be very problematic. I’ll talk about it later.

I’m up to tag team, but probably can’t drive it alone.

Apparently I have to be listed as a project leader on Indie/ModDB to submit Desura for first round evaluation. After they evaluate us, they provide the next steps.