Hey all,

I’ve set up this forum because the response for the marketing/PR position advertisement was rather larger than I expected. And since we’ve had a series of different people with different strengths and ideas apply, I figured we could afford a little strain on the payroll (har har) and invite more than one person to the party.

So. This forum is for all of the non-game things that still require attention and work. That list looks like this:

Subsets include:

  • Coming up with a general advertising plan (the overall theme, where to advertise and how, ect).
  • Media (videos and screens) - what is required for each (voices for videos? raw footage? replays?)
  • Newsposts (moddb, s44.com, sourceforge, ect)

[size=150]Help system/documentation[/size]

  • Wiki/site guide - need to determine format, write content
  • Ingame help - likewise. Figure out technical implementation, then write content

[size=150]Other extras[/size]
Whatever else needs doing!

May I suggest we take inspiration from PR yet again and make a [S44 Publicist] mask or such. :sunglasses:

May I direct you towards Pintle’s current user rank/usergroup >_>


You are all weak, you are all bleeders!

I’ve been playing Team Fortress II extensively the last week due to S44 burnout. I’m the old solo marketing/advertising Developer and I’m happy to help with a larger team effort, because honestly working alone meant that I never finished anything to spec. I’ll try to be active here, and if you have any questions about earlier plans and efforts, direct them to me here or via email to neddiedwarf@gmail.com.

Doesn’t appear in the Legend at the bottom nemo :stuck_out_tongue: