Web based single player mission/campaign interface

I’ll fill this in at another point, but tobi journ and I were speaking about this for a little while, and I think it could be a really cool way to handle single player missions.

what do you mean with “web based”? everyone can download the missions from the web? or hes just playing the missions on a server?

Haven’t we discussed this on and off for months now? I think it is a good idea but I would not touch PlanetWars as a base for it.

Not planetwars. Basically just a frontend for downloading missions on our home page, hosted there to keep people coming past our site (and so we can easily add missions/extend campaigns).

Basically the idea was to have some setup where (eventually) players would log into an account and see their own campaign map on the page. Until then a map with clickable sections (each corresponding to a mission) that link to a mission download would be suitable. tobi suggested using phpbb somehow to do this, which we may.

Oh, so you’re talking about content delivery rather than organized gaming and tournaments. Alright.

It would be nice to build on that by permitting special mission unlocks and campaign chaining.

mhmm interesting… ^^

Exactly, Neddie. An interface focused on the web page means we can develop it entirely apart from the main package (thus avoiding mondo updates), and keeps people hooked into s44.com, which is a big plus I think.

Of course, the first trick is to actually have missions. At some point in the coming months I’m going to try to put 5 or so of them together. I wasn’t planning on making them tutorial missions explicitly, but I suppose they could focus on different parts of the game and teach that way.

One of the best mission makers is [XHC]DaveTheBrave, if we can snag him he might be willing - however, he is difficult to interest.