Water "flags"

Have water command spots (flags) been discussed sometime? I can’t find anything on it.

As JAL noted in #s44, it would make going ships (instead of air) more viable on water maps.

Random idea could be to make some marker buoy model that is used for these spots. I don’t know how much such buoys were used in 1944 but this and this suggest placing them was possible in 1944 :slight_smile:

We have been discussing buoys on and off for a while, but no decisions have been made. If somebody will make various buoys with the necessary flags and UV maps I will texture them. Placement is of course up to maps, and won’t we need some sort of detection system to place a buoy instead of a flag?

That and a decision on what can capture them. (All boats? Gun/torp boats only? Boats with infantry loaded in them?)

Placement should be easy, just tweak flag placer a bit.

Although I think maybe it can get a bit too crowded with buoys on some maps when putting one on every spot. So maybe they could have a much bigger extraction radius then flags have and the flag placer could ensure that for a cluster of metal spots there’s only a single buoy in the middle.


Little flag on the top would be teamcolour, just added it to feel more naval.

Nice :mrgreen:

Hmm, bump this topic.

[size=85](Also a place to stick these where i’ll remember
wrecksite.eu/wreck.aspx?4255 )[/size]

Model is done and UVmapped if you want to try texxing it.

Heavy artillerie on water is already very good. I played last time with a mutator or sth. And my enemy simply destroyed my defenses with it.
We also had nothing to counter the ships. Planes done nothing.
In my eyes… they are already very important on water maps.

only mass artillery and heavy tanks can beat destroyers in the case you have lost the ability to make boats. (if you can still make boats, spam torpedoe boats)

In map where you are likely to see destroyers in JAL’s mutator, you should set up “logistics resupply frequency” to high. Because destroyers dont consume ammo currently ! you artillery does.

An excellent map for Navie mutator is ArcticZoneV3 (32x32 map, the ennemy cant snipe your base with artillery) ,but because this map has low metal you should set up “map command per player” to maximum and use 100% ressources bonus for every players.

Which is why destroyers are removed from the official build