No, not White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, silly!

The Wasp was a modification of the ubiquitous Universal Carrier (aka Bren Gun carrier), a small, open-topped, tracked vehicle primarily used like a tracked jeep by Britain and other Commonwealth forces, particularly Canada. The Wasp replaced the Bren light machinegun with a large flamethrower in a pivot mount at the front of the vehicle and was used as infantry support. Flamethrowers were heavily used by Canadian forces, as throughout the liberation of France it was Canadian forces who were primarily tasked with clearing out the fortifications of the Atlantik Wall along the northern coast of Europe as British and American armies drove far inland across France towards Germany. Flamethrowers were, of course, necessary to clear out the multitude of bunkers and fortifications there and Canadians became particularly adept at flame warfare, burning krauts all up and down the coast of Europe until the end of the war.

So the question is, does the Wasp have a place in the game? Its of particular interest to me – my grandfather was a Wasp/Carrier driver during the war.

Hmm. A flamer vehicle that is vulnerable to small-arms (open top etc.)? Sounds like something usable for very risky (but potentially extremely devastating) operations… Could the flamer variant still carry some infantry?
If that thing is made buildable from the barracks, then it will be used imo. Not sure about the veh yard. We don’t have much bunkers to smoke out (apart from the German HQ, of which there are no more than 1 per player), and open-topped non-stealthy short-ranged vehicle will probably be shot on approach to mobile enemy forces (unless it carries something like a machinegun in addition to flamer, in which case it could perform the same role BA-64 does, plus a little extra).