Vids/media stuff for release

  • Spiked: some kind of gameplay vid, anything cool looking, short clips of new stuff (paratroopers, for ex.)

  • Floz: screenshots/loadscreens.

  • Me: short instructional vids/another commented game targeted towards new players.

I can do the instructional vids+commentary Friday/this weekend. How are your things going, floz/spiked?

I’m rubbish at posing pics. :cry:

Just turn up the settings, put on a cool replay, turn off the hud and press F12 every so often, when you think something is particularly neat. With digital photography/screenshots, high quantity can overcome low aptitude. Once you have a bunch to pick from, we can go through them and pick out nice ones.

Alternatively, think of something cool/loadscreen-y (say, a MG nest defending) and then just take lots of pictures of that; we’ll find the few good ones and turn them into loadscreens.

/cross 0 - no crosshair

/mapmarks 0 - turn off pointers

/disticon 10000 - Flag rings disappear