Vehicle Speeds

I can analyze webpage dumps and update vehicles speeds to match them (model scale of 1m = 8 elmos gives 13.5 kph per Spring speed). However, I’m not sure if this is a good idea. Here’s what would change (unitname oldSpeed newSpeed), based on road speed:

Edit: Some of the larger changes bolded.

Also should we make acceleration/brakerate proportional to speed?

Yes and yes.

Maybe tiger II and IS-2 (and maybe the ISU’s?) might become bit overpowered with over 75% speed increase.

Acceleration proportional to speed seems a bit weird; not sure if the data is available but I’d make it proportional to horsepower per kg or something else that at least differentiates a bit between light vehicles with strong engines and heavy vehicles with underpowered engines.

Not sure how much of either is really noticeable in game though.

Also <3 23% speed increase on halftracks :mrgreen: does have horsepower/kg statistics; extracting those would be trivial.

well i would prefer that the tanks need to stop before they shoot. Because the most tanks didnt drove and shoot. Or the tanks drive slower while they schoot. But both together isnt very real Fullspeed + shooting and not very precise.

Awesome. Daimlers are supposed to be insanely nippy, me and spiked had a hell of a lot of fun with them in Forgotten Hope 2.

the reason for most of those differences is because when I did the speeds, I based the value on an average of rough speed and road speed, with rough speed weighted twice. that said, if people feel like speeds need fixing, go for it I suppose.

also, brake rates need to rather high so that vehicles don’t ‘skid’ through their waypoint and start driving again. acceleration based on hp/kg sounds good to me, as long as its scaled to give good results throughout.

This is possible as well. Alternately we could tie rough speed to slopeMod, which is a movetype tag that controls how heavily the vehicle is slowed down on slopes.

For comparison, here’s (Rough Speed + Road Speed * 0.5) / 13.5:

To me this sounds worthy of investigation

It’s a good idea, vehicles on 1940 were more slow (except Germans) and acceleration/deceleration is something i want to see since now they are speedy for my taste, :wink:

Acceleration = hp per tonne / 300:

Cromwell is nuts.

Also, any suggestions for turnRate? tarrif gives turning radius figures, but I thought a tank could turn in place, so what do these mean?

Not all tanks could turn in place in ww2, in fact it was quite uncommon.

Heavy tanks did turn in place, them having more complex transmission system. Not all mediums could do so, T-34 couldn’t for ex.