Vehicle Barge

Vehicles barges won’t pick up a lot of vehicles. They refused to pick up BA-64s, Katyushas, but would pick up halftracks. Not clear which other vehicles can’t be transported by it. Also, when transported the vehicles disappear and do not appear on the top of the barge as they should.

That was done on purpose to limit the ‘transportees colliding with transporter’ bug when units are unloaded. Not sure if 77 has improved that situation.

The only noticeable thing that seems to be different between the BA-64 (same for BM-13) and M5 halftrack movement wise (apart from different move class, which should not influence transporting as it is of the same base TANK type) is the footprint size, with BA-64 being 2x2 and the halftrack being 3x3. Maybe the barge is limited to only picking large units?
Can my LCT from ship test branch grab them?
P.S. I just checked the PontoonRaft.fbi, and surely enough, it has


This should probably be reduced to 2, 2 is still large enough to not allow infantry in.