(v230)Air dominates AA

This is a showcase of how easy Spitfires can kill 6 staghounds or 5 flak.
I had LoS on the enemy flak and Staghounds which is rare in a multiplayer game.
But still…
Why can interceptors kill more than their worth against dedicated AA?

Depends on the aircraft. On Lyuban 1.07 I find Spitfire interceptors and Yak-9s aren’t that great at taking out flak. For those factions I generally rely on Spitfire FBs and Il-2s, respectively. P-51 fighters are decent, but the real flak-killer is the Bf-109K. That 30mm usually cleans out a flak emplacement in one pass.

In general, flak really isn’t a plane-killer unless it’s massed; if I want to plane-proof a position I want at least 10-12 guns covering it. This is realistic, as a few light AA guns are not going to stop an opponent with control of the air; you’re going to have to acquire enough command to put your own fighter and attack sorties up.

Well, normaly no general would risk to take out flaks with planes especialy if thy dont know where they exactly are.

If i send planes against two AAs without knowing where they are i will make more losses (maybe all planes) then the enemy. So i need to know it exactly or taking them out by inf, tanks or arty. Which is indeed better.

It is not called just for fun AA=Anti Aircraft

In a 1o1, AA vs Plane = Plane lose.

If you have 10 vs 1 AA, i bet you would lose more then 2 planes.

Thats how i had it alltime in S44 ^^ and its okay i think… if Air dominates AA in a 1o1 then something ingame is wrong…

my opinion to that :smiley:

I guess it depends. Usually in 1.07 I can take some flak batteries I’ve scouted out (often with a spotter plane, which may or may not come back), assign 1 Bf-109 to attack each gun (usually by putting a very small area attack order over the position), and often the guns are toast on the first pass and I get all my -109s back. However, I do agree with you that if you don’t know where the guns are the interceptors are going to get riddled. If they know where the guns are, bore straight in, and open fire at max range … goodbye.

yep scoutplane, sniper or scout inf is best for such stuff ;D

Yeah, like most bits of the game … if you know where it is, you can probably kill it. Of course, if I have a sniper in range of my opponent’s flak guns, I’m not going to bother sending in interceptors :no4:

Against CRAIG I rush-build a radar station (usually with my first l2 engineer), send a spotter plane over, and then use interceptors or fighter-bombers to take out all the starting flak guns. That allows my aircraft to just whale on the enemy’s initial rush attacks without being sent fleeing by flak.

And with FPS, I find it’s also useful to just climb in the cockpit and do the job myself :sunglasses:

yes but in FPS style i often have problems… the FPS-UI isnt very userfriendly. Would be cool to have a really awesome FPS UI ala Battlefield 1942 or HawX or something XD

It isn’t the best (and with the jerking bug it’s useless with infantry) but sometimes I find it useful if I want to lay down fire in a certain pattern or prioritize certain targets. Aircraft are better at hitting point targets if commanded to, but if I want to just take a fighter or ground attack aircraft in and terrorize an enemy column, FPS is generally better. I can set up a nice long strafing run and just walk fire from one end to the other.

Zerg and I discussed it, but somebody would need to create it and make it react to commands through lua.

Overall I find the Spring FPS mode lets me get some use out of it - the last time I played MP I was introducing a friend of mine to NOTA and ended up FPSing a fighter to find the nuke cannon that put a good chunk of my fleet on the bottom. Turned out to be a suicide mission, but I found the gun and took it out with counter-battery fire, allowing my battleships to muscle through his island fortifications and take out his base. Excellent example of how recon wins or loses battles, I had the advantage there the whole game.

In 1944, I find it very helpful in those instances where I don’t trust the units to do it right themselves, and sometimes it’s fun when I have the AI beaten to a pulp to take a single unit in and finish the job on them. There’s nothing like personally administering the coup de gras … especially if you’re driving something like a King Tiger or IS-2 :laughing:

but the thing is if you do it yourself you need to aim for sure and the computer will hit you to 100% while you need to aim yourself and maybe you dont hit at first time.

(1o1 Tiger vs Tiger)

Actually most of the times I’ve gotten “killed” pulling a stunt like that it’s been by infantry or partisans swarming me. Advantages of FPS are that I can align the tank to face the enemy head-on (something the AI doesn’t always do) and also maneuver for clearer shots (I’ve seen AI tanks stuck behind their burned-out comrades fire uselessly at me). That gives me something of an edge, and the aiming system in FPS works well enough. I also generally pick my highest-ranking tank for the job with plenty of extra HP.