v159 PreMorgenrote

FXD is getting desyncs with this build. He is using Spring 85.0, single-thread build (I checked that specifically), so MT is not the cause. He tried deleting the path cache, nothing changed.

JAL and me were able to play 1v1 w/o desyncs with same version of Spring and S44.

Also ‘crash on spec exit’ bug seems to still be there.

update woo!

*the bug with guys being able to move while pinned/suppressed is still there in spring 88.
*the damage over time gadget is broken due to something goofy with the weaponDefs table (I remember some noise about this on the forums). [f=0013133] Error: [WeaponDefIndex] ERROR_TYPE for key "areaOfEffect" in WeaponDefs __index [f=0013133] Error: LuaRules::RunCallIn: error = 2, Explosion, [string "LuaRules/Gadgets/game_damageovertime.lua"]:36: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'areaOfEffect' (a nil value)

also scotts are, unsurprisingly, still silly OP. guns could probably manage without their general armor bonus vs HE.

Fixed damageovertime a while back: spring1944.svn.sourceforge.net/v … ision=3748

also, floz, endgame gadget is still causing the game to end with spectators leave the game, which is a bummer. any idea what causes that?


DVA build: inf in trucks can cap flags. Load 3 Comissars into a truck, and here’s the ultimate flag capper - fast, not prone to fear, doesn’t die from a few bullets and can unload to build things.

Edit: also 2 crashes in a row, and I can’t get the stacktrace translator to work (looks like pastebin’s API changet and the translator is unaware of that). Infolog attached in case someone makes the translator work.
Replays attached. It’s the same game, but 2 different crashes.

TRI build: deployed Maxim MG fires at a Wasp, but does no damage. It shouldn’t be able to target things it can’t damage.