V1 base pwnage

Players:woky[Nota][Ca] + vs [Sin]JAL
Game version:test-2802
Engine version: 0.81.2
Awesome rating (out of 5): **
Comments: GBR vs Ger.He was pushing good , but not fast enough , 1 V1 wave was already good enough .

That was an interesting game. The V-1 is like a heavy artillery or a perfect bomber (cost low, not affected by fear, hard to destroy). Too powerfull for a mode with base, even if the player scatter his base. Its probably the more cost effective “plane” of spring1944.

The recent fear tolerance multiplier works, but planes are still shot down very easily. I suggested in the #s44 chat to use the armour system for planes. That would be realistic, the IL-2 is known to be armoured. Even the ground attack stuka had an armour.
I think the IL-2 was more armored, this would compensate its bad maneuverability in spring1944 compared to other ground attack planes.
It should be very resistant to anything up to the german 20mm mobile AA (which is a very powerfull AA right now).

Woky didnt even spend half the resources JAL used by the time JAL sent his first v1. The first 6 v1 wave seemed about cost effective destroying 2 flak, hq, 1 barracks and 1 vehicle yard but Wokys base should have been spread out more.