• japanese towed type 90 75mm gun: undepolyed and not moving - when given move order it displays a firing anim from the rear of the truck…
  • supply radiuses (buildings, halftracks, deployed trucks) do not display on Intel hardware.

It’s the exhaust from truck’s engine. Intended to be there (but better anim would be nice, I used the light gun flash)

In that case, it looks very wrong. Soon we will be having headlights and hand-waving drivers. It isn’t consistent with the rest of the stuff.

Take a look at Japanese vehicles. They all do it.

I noticed this also on the tanks, figured out it was the exhausts on the tanks, looks off right now I agree, but it has potential as a very nifty detail if trimmed with a less “exaggerated” effect.

When I’m playing the game, I do look for effects like this (guns shooting) to know how to coordinate and syncronise important things in the course of the battle.

I can tell when a vehicle or panzer is moving or starts to move. Puffs of smoke give me no additional info, even on the contrary, it would obstruct me to see the actual important stuff.

In my opinion, such effects might be concidered nice-to-have by some, but another thing that gives me nothing and needs cpu time to run. Bloat always starts with the little things first.

As it so stands, I would plead you to at least supply an option to turn such behaviour off. Some players have no desire for extra “fun” effects like dropping snow, blinking turning lights, hand waving truck drivers, wind in the trees, reflective water and the likes.

Bugs found during naval game:

  • Siebel has no weapon
  • German boats (maybe all the others too) can’t be targeted by mortar
  • Some boats should have shallowed draft

don’t forget my japanese self propelled arty couldn’t target them german boats either

Fixed weapons on Siebel. Reduced draft on MAL.

As for targeting, they have the proper categories. Ho-Ni II (SP arty) does fire at ships, but apparently it needs proper LoF. Mortars still refuse to fire at ships, can’t find the reason.