v1.5 MG RC1 Bug Thread

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Pretty sure it’s a general issue with the Spring engine (0.82.5), as I’ve noticed it in NOTA as well, but unit pathfinding is worse than it used to be. Vehicles trying to move about my base (for instance, assembling in front of a tank yard or following waypoints) will either logjam all trying to get to a point or get stuck behind other vehicles.

Also, when playing as Soviets CRAIG will not build any structures - initial start AT, AA, and supply trucks will rush straight into your base, after which the AI will keep throwing infantry only. Minor issue since most players engage live opponents; otherwise a good release (especially now as CRAIG actually works with the current engine).

Yeah Spring has pathfinding issues in 0.82+

CRAIG doesn’t currently have support for morphing, so the new all-mobile start hamstrings it pretty badly. One option would be to spawn a static base for Soviets if CRAIG is controlling the team - adding support for ‘intelligent’ use of morph is quite a project, though zwzsg has been working on a related thing for another game.

That’s always been the case; however it seems like since 1.07 the Soviets have lost the ability to actually build any structures when under CRAIG control. When I take a pass by their barracks there’s just one engineer sitting in front not doing anything, meaning that the base never progresses beyond the starting barracks.

That’s due to numerous changes in how Soviet start works (no extra ‘ruscommissar1’ spawned as ‘commander’, for one)

Was there a particular reason for that?

Played a GBR vs. GER round last night, the AI went heavy on infantry early and threw me back from the center pass on Road to Rome - for a while I was down to defending four flags, something I would not have survived against a live opponent. Almost thought the Germans were suffering from the same bug until the first halftracks and Marders came rolling along. A look at the German base showed they had built a lot of logistics sheds; if it had built arty I would have been in serious trouble. Eventually I retook my initial defensive line and caught a massive logjam of vehicles and infantry trying to get out of the GER base with Typhoons and Sextons. It was an excellent object lesson in what shells and rockets will do to a large clump of units.

I noticed the same problem but when I played against CRAIG with GBR vs GER they built artillery and acted quite intelligently, eventually though, I smashed them, but not through there production ineptness but more through clever glider drops and massive arty barrages

CRAIG built artillery? I’ve never seen that before - towed guns require morphing, which the AI doesn’t support, and the yard would need to morph to produce mobile pieces. Are you referring to StuGs, Marders, mortars, and light infantry field guns? Those the AI will produce. Otherwise the only towed guns are the two starting AT guns and two starting fixed AAA emplacements.

The storage shed produced from morphing Soviet supply truck (starting one) doesn’t seem to be aligned to 90 degrees, probably the same problem boatyard had. Not that important in the case of storage as it doesn’t build units.

Platoon units should not be targetable by anything. As it’s now, units attacking barracks will start to shoot at platoon under construction instead of grenading the building, and the platoon doesn’t take much (if any) damage from small arms.

Sorry if I was confusing, I meant mortars and stugs, I am quite certain that I killed a wespe somewhere, might have been a marder, at any rate there weren’t any towed guns so sorry for the confusion

yah, you prolly got a marder.

I could have sworn it was a wespe, at any rate you should check out Glest, the AI in there can morph units and such, though its dumber when it comes to tactics.

Tested out the Soviets vs. AI-controlled Germans. The all-mobile start gives the Sovs a nice advantage - upon starting I loaded my start squad, mortar, and Maxim MG onto the supply trucks and moved them with 1 AT and 1 AA gun to one of the river crossings on Prokhorovka. That gave me a very quick strongpoint that with further reinforcements held out until enemy armor started showing up in quantity and I ran into an ammo shortfall. Would it be possible to write a transport gadget that would allow trucks and halftracks to “assist” barracks by loading and running troops to the front? Might help in the battle of “gittin’ there with the firstest and the mostest.”

One issue - is there a reason why the Il-2M with PTABs arrives in “Hold Fire” mode? Once I started getting hammered with German armor I called in a few sorties and was wondering why they weren’t attacking.

Trucks don’t need a gadget. Do this:

  • set the truck to “repeat ON”
  • hold down shift
  • press L (load), draw a circle where your rax rally point is
  • press U (unload), draw a circle where you want to transport them to
  • release shift
  • done!

Now the truck or whatever transport unit you use will go to rally point, load with units (until it’s full OR there are no more units around), move to destination spot, unload them and repeat. This might need some practice to setup right, but it works.

Damn, I was going to say what yuritch said…

Why does Zis 2x more damage than 6pdr and 50mm/L60 ?
Gun Bullet Damage

5cm L/60 50x420 mm 1024

Zis2 57×480 mm 2844

6pdr 57x441 mm 1492

i think 6pdr should be a bit closer to Zis2 and the 50mm should keep the same distance 2 6pdr , because these guns even if they penetrate the sides of medium do only low damage compared 2 Zis2.


  1. my infantry got pinned by my own flak while fighting planes.
  2. Gbr infantry seem 2 be nerfed , i lost a (3:1 Barracks) infantrybattle vs US. but i didnt remember the commandochange in that game.

When commenting on balance, please post demos (re infantry balance).

To quote Mr. Teatime, “I’m going to have so much fun with this!”

One thing I’ve found is that although US troops may have lower health, range, and accuracy than GBR or GER troops, rate of fire matters. If they can close to Garand range a US squad can put out quite a bit more lead than any other faction. Also helps that they have cheaper and faster-moving MG units - I’ve lost GBR battles against the Germans because my Vickers guns couldn’t get to the front and set up in time. The US .30-cal guns can keep up with the regular infantry.

The German 50mm was a very good gun for its calibre as was the 6 pounder, The zis-2 was roughly equal by my sources at any rate which unit has a 6 pounder, has anyone considered a UC towing a six pounder for paratroop support(they would be delivered by hamilcar