USSR ground attack plane spam

I noticed russian fighters and air superiority fighters wasnt that good against ground targets. So I just spammed fighters and ground attack planes, bombed the shit out of the enemy boat yards and stuff until they had loads of AA.
I used fighters to scout and pinn infantry.

Rocket planes are kind of OP in theese situations. Should the enemy be forced to get planes?
The game ended when Blackdutchie dropped and Marcel didn’t feel like it was worth to keep fighting.

Do you think that the deposit system will change the over-effectiveness of plane spam?

If all is keept the same, except that you get command based on how many planes that come back, planes will definatly become even more spammable.
If balanced well it should allow air to attack the unprotected targets freely and which much less pressure of killing much.
After all. If you get half back from every plane that return and send in bombers for example, each bomb only needs to kill 1400 worth of command to be costeffective.

Planes will probably become substantially more expensive under this system - maybe double what they are right now, and you get 80% back at max (or something like that).