I added some more users to the Contributor and Tester groups. If there are any model contributors, or people who wish to contribute through testing or content creation, I will add them as they come to my attention and furthermore contribute.

give me something to model :slight_smile: available time:

Tomorrow (16.03.2010) (germany) GMT+1
and (17.03.2010)

i think that’s time enough :slight_smile:

I don’t have a scanner, but I am sketching some concepts… … ure020.jpg

They’re crude but I should have twenty or thirty done tomorrow or the day after.

Well, I do not have a functioning scanner, so… have at this first page, as photographed by low resolution web camera.

Here is a rough edit to try to improve contrast. The huts are less than an inch square, and I should probably switch to pen for continued concept work.

For these buildings I was thinking one or two levels of corpse, and two normal variants of the model - one for summer/spring, and one for winter, with the snow and ice necessary.

i see… looks cool.

the left is the barrack and the right one is the HQ?

The right concepts look very cool with the rounded/curved roof

The left is just a shack, which will be used as a garrisonable/concealment outpost, the right is either the HQ or the Barracks, but I haven’t decided which. The Finns used several civilian structures, and their buildings run the gamut from dug-outs to logs to wood slats to brick to cut stone.

maybe we give the finns the advantage of build HQs which can produce/order the barracks units as well? Or would that couse heavy balancing problems?

How is that any different from how russian barracks work?

:bulb: :arrow_right: oh… true forgot the russians… lol

Speaking of users, I did some purging of the testing group.