US pack howitzer firing in bursts of two

Bug Summary
US pack howitzer firing in bursts of two

Bug Description
The US pack howitzer is firing two real shots plus the suppression fake shot each time it shoots

Steps to reproduce
Build a US pack howitzer and have it fire at an enemy

Additional Info
I found this while testing svn revision 199

Um. Please read the forums, this is already posted. :smiley:
Are you a new tester?
If so, welcome aboard.
Yeah, this bug happens with all artillery fire and tanks.
Bug in the ammo code.

Easy there. Tot has been around longer than you. No harm in the fact that he’s not reading a vaguely titled “feedback thread”

Thank you both for reporting this. Hopefully I’ll have some time to look into it this weekend.

Oh no, I meant no offense at all, I just noticed he only had two posts. :slight_smile:
He’s got four days on my, WRYYYYYY.

I meant no offense Tot. Honest.

Don’t worry, none taken :smiley:

Funny thing, though, I did check the “feedback thread” just after submitting and went “oops” in my head when I realized the bug was already reported.

This does confirm however that the double shot-ing isn’t caused by the AP/HE ammo switching as the pack how is HE only.

Please update to Rev 201: … vision=201

And retest for this bug. :slight_smile:

No appearance of bug in a twenty minute test game. Not enough tanks/arty built to confirm as fixed though.

I’m still getting the double shot from the pack howitzer and also the M8 Scott (which uses the pack howitzer weapon). I checked out revision 202 to test.

P.S. I’m not using Tortoise svn but rather a svn program which is run from the command line. In checking out rev 202 it just updated two files: noammo.lua and I don’t remember the other one. I’m assuming any fixes were implemented in noammo.lua? I’m bringing this up to make sure I’m testing the right stuff.

201 should have edited ammo.lua, not noammo.lua

Ok. Rev 210 is another attempt to fix this, and seemingly a sucessful one. Test please!

I still do on occasion notice that weapons with both HE and AP ammo will sometimes fire both an HE and AP round at a target. This has occured since time immemorial, long before the lua ammo.

Played a one hour test game (with myself :cry:) and there was no perceived appearance of the bug

I just checked out revision 227 and tested the pack howitzers. Sadly, the bug still appears to be there.

The situation was as follows. I had two pack howitzers within range of the enemy base. I just moved them into position and oriented them towards the base; I didn’t give any attack orders, instead I just let the howitzers fire at whatever they wanted to. The strange thing was that only one of them was doing the double shot.

The other strange thing is that if given explicit attack orders (either an enemy target or forced firing) the double shot doesn’t happen.

I’ll keep the replay in case someone wants to watch it.

Ach! Yeah, please upload the replay.

Ok, here’s the replay;10071867;/fileinfo.html"%20title="080423-DesolateV2-0.76b1.sdf

The map was DesolateV2.sd7

The revision number was 227. I didn’t know you could just drop the S44LiteRelease.sdd directory into spring\mods so I made a copy of S44LiteRelease.sdz (the lite beta release), opened the archive, deleted all of its contents, added the contents from S44LiteRelease.sdd (the directory I got through svn) and renamed the archive to S44svn026rev227.sdz.

P.S. I dunno if this is important, but in the replay I had the howitzers close to a deployed supply truck so that they could keep firing continuously.

[Edit] I just watched the replay and I noticed something interesting. At ~9:30 I get two pack howitzers within range of some enemy targets and the packs are firing just fine but eventually run out of ammo. I then build a supply truck and order it to move and deploy next to the packs. At ~12:50 is the first occurrence of the double shot from the western pack howitzer and by that time the supply truck is already deployed nearby. It might just be a coincidence but perhaps the double shot bug has something to do with deployed supply trucks?

Quite likely. Resupplying changes the reload time, which is what causes the bug.