US landing craft visual glitches

This is concerning the US infantry landing craft (the one with two machineguns in the stern) and the US large landing craft (the one that can carry up to five tanks and has two autocannons in the stern). Both of these ships’ weapons fire in bursts but only a single muzzle flash is shown per fire cycle.

I was testing svn rev 2289.

Those units were lacking the proper weapon FX code. Should be fixed now.

Confirm that the gfx of the two stern autocannons on LCT are fixed. They don’t have tracers which is odd but might be intentional. Also, they cannot be force fired, i.e., hit the “A” key or press the “Attack” button and click the ground.

The LCVP gfx are backwards, i.e., the muzzle flashes point and the tracers fly towards the gun instead of away (they’re offset 180 degrees from where the gun is pointing).

I was testing svn rev 2290.

Weapon sfx emit points were backwards on the unit. Fixed now.

As for tracers: I don’t see other shipborne 20mm guns using tracers now as well. I’m not sure if I should add them to all the light AA guns or not.

Confirming gfx on LCVP weapons fixed on svn rev 2291.

Found similar gfx glitches on some more ships. The german Siebel Fahre and Vorpostenboot also have some weapons that fire in bursts but only one muzzle flash is show. The same gfx glitch happens to the russian 15-ton tender, Brilliant-class and Soobrazitelny-class.

The russian LCT mk.6 doesn’t have any gfx at all when its weapons fire and I think it’s spewing the following script errors:

[ 84344] ScriptError: Invalid weapon index for emit-sfx outside script execution [ 84344] ScriptError: Invalid explosion generator index for emit-sfx outside script execution
That’s all I have for now, I’ll test gbr ships tomorrow.

I was testing svn rev 2291.