US howitzers adjusting fire without actually firing

Sometimes when a US howitzer is given an attack ground order it doesn’t fire right away. It will eventually open fire but with increased accuracy. It’s as if the gun had done adjusting fire without actually firing.

It’s interesting because sometimes one gun out of a group WILL open fire right away while the others adjust without firing and open fire later. When this happens it kinda simulates my suggestion here.

I was testing svn rev 3143. The howitzers were ordered to attack ground with the regular attack order (not area attack).

Edit. GBR, RUS and GER howitzers are working properly, only US howitzers are using fire control computers to adjust fire (cheaters :stuck_out_tongue:).

I noticed a similar behavior from GBR howitzers under special circumstances. If there’s intervening terrain which would block shots during the adjusting fire (low accuracy) phase but could be safely avoided during the fire for effect (high accuracy) phase then the howitzers will have a long delay before shooting (in effect performing silent adjusting fire) and when they finally open fire they’ll do so with high accuracy.

I was testing svn rev 3146.

Edit. I’m pretty sure terrain wasn’t a factor when I noticed US howitzers adjusting without firing. The map I used is pretty flat (Titan Duel).