Urgh - 1944 & Spring Moderation Reform

As you may have noticed, my commit count has dropped severely, I haven’t delivered much, and what I have delivered in the last two months has been late. I am overextended, and my primary Spring focus is on moderation reform - I am probably going to become the community head and even after all the work I’ve done I’m nowhere near solving our immediate problems socially.

Anyway, I will deliver, but what I do will come as possible, and I apologize. I also urge this team and the 1944 community to become more active and more insistent in the reform process, to give me more to work with - every little bit helps. This community is disconnected to some extent but it still has a stake in the main Spring community.

No worries neddie. I think we’re all slowing down a bit as the school season starts up again - it happens.

fwiw, I’m trying to be more helpful and less vitriolic.