How about to make upgrades dependant from buildings and not from costs

upgraded vehicleyard = vehicleyard,vehicleyard
TDgunyard = gunyard,gunyard
SPgunyard = gunyard,vehicleyard
upgraded tankyard = tankyard,gunyard,vehicleyard

something like that

I would like to c a radar upgrade but not in MG 1.52 , maybe in the release after that .

Perhaps split the currently existing sorties behind the radar upgrade, especially the nations that have a lot of different kinds of aeroplanes. Luftwaffe should certainly benefit from this.

When implemented, some formerly expelled aeroplane varieties could be reintroduced. I know that some of you fear that a lot of different units would make the learning curve too steep, but I think you also know that it is sufficciently steep already. One added upgrade would follow the formerly agreed-on layout and couldn’t disturb the image of the game at large.

I’d put heavy bombers and interceptors behind the upgrade. Also V1 rockets of the Reich. This will encourage anti-armour strikes and perhaps reconaissance. Also then the initial radar building should be a tad cheaper to construct.

Also I’d like to thank the developers, who have made rather well-accepted balance changes during my absence :slight_smile:

JAL, could you explain what you’re proposing in more detail? Do you mean the player should have 2 or more of the same factory in order to upgrade it? (or 1 of each type for some upgrades?)

So, to make an upgraded vehyard, you first build 2 normal vehyards and only then you can upgrade 1 of them? And for SP gun yard you build 1 gunyard, 1 vehyard and then you can upgrade?

Yes yuritch,
for upgraded vehicle yard, u need 2 normal vehicle yard or more.
Dont worry, there is enough benefit from upgraded vehicle yard (faster production,at least 1 stronger vehicle).
Basic units will last longer or someone has realy to focus on one unit type.