Updating the Wiki Page and Tactics and Getting Started


I have thoroughly enjoyed the game, but I noticed that several text documents were out of date. I would be happy to help in updating these documents, specifically the Wiki, as well as a “Tactics” page (spring1944.net/guides/tactics.php) and a getting started page (spring1944.net/guides/getting_started.php). The last two may be legacy pages. What do you all think? Again, I would like to help, as I am no good at “skinning” or programming.



hiya Tutti!

Actually, those last two pages aren’t even supposed to be publically accessible anymore. The wiki is the place where all of that information should live. I ported a lot of the guides to the wiki when we first got it going, but it is possible that I missed some things.

feel free to add whatever you like to the wiki, especially content oriented towards beginners, since we don’t have any good ‘first time player’ information right now.