Unloading fuckery (Sw Sturmboot, LCVP, et al)

I know transport load/unload problems are systemic of the Spring engine but I like to think some progress has been made, but I think some more can be made.

For instance the heavy sturmboot and the LCVP. The LCVP has “spring defailt” unloading type whereby you click unload somewhere and it’ll travel near the unload point and then release the troops via teleporting them instantly to that point – however this has several problems. For one, the teleporting across several meters. For another, unless you click-drag into an area unload it’ll only drop off about 3 of its passengers and then stop.

Then there is the other method which is partially implimented as seen in the Schwere Sturmboot whereby clicking unload will have all passengers be released in a single point at the origin of the transporting unit. For ground transports this is fine; troops can then “stream” out of the transport in an acceptable fashion. However with the Sturmboot’s case, unless the boat is heavily beached prior to this its infantry will be spawned in various depths of water where the Sturmboot is located. This too is slightly unacceptable.

It would be much better if the release point, instead of being the origin of the transport’s base piece, were instead a point infront of the boat. That way you wouldn’t have to beach it so much but the infantry would still all appear en masse at a dropoff location. This would be especially could for the LCVP as a dropoff point at the front door is how it should be. And having this point a little ways off infront of the boats would allow you to select the infantry without also selecting the boat, which can sometimes be annoying.

Otherwise, someone write some damned loading/unloading/transport LUA :frowning: