[UnitList] X-Weapons


Sd.Kfz.234/2 Puma - Advanced Armoured Car w/ 50mm cannon
Sturmtiger - Super-heavy Assault Gun w/ 380mm mortar
Jagdtiger - Super-heavy Tank Destroyer w/ 128mm gun
Panzer VIII Maus - Super-heavy Tank
Flakpanzer Kugelblitz - Advanced Anti-Aircraft Tank
Me 163 Komet - Rocket-propelled Fighter


A-40 Krylya Tanka - Air-Dropped T-60
IS-3 - Advanced Heavy Tank
BM-31 Katyusha - 300mm Truck-mounted Rocket Launcher
SU-14 - Self-Propelled 203mm howitzer
KV-2 - 152mm Assault Tank
SU-101 - 100mm Advanced Tank Destroyer (based on T-44, frontal protection better than IS-2)


Crusader Mk III AA Mk I/II - Advanced Anti-Aircraft Tank
A39 Tortoise - Super-heavy Tank Destroyer
A41 Centurion Mk I - Advanced Heavy Tank


M-26 Pershing - Heavy Tank
M-36 Jackson - Heavy Tank Destroyer
T28/T95 - Super-Heavy Tank Destroyer
M12/M41 SPG - 155mm Self-Propelled Artillery

A crazy thing that places its turret on the ground (away from the main body) in order to fire… And can carry 2 such turrets (1 on the body, another in the trailer). While the turret fires at the enemy, main vehicle body can be used to transport ammunition.

Need more US superweapons. Maybe some heavy tank projects? Though those tended to be somewhat underpair when compared to German/USSR designs. Hmm, maybe an M26 Pershing? On the same grounds as the IS-3, not exactly a superweapon, but definitely a more advanced tank than the rest. Another possible one, 8" (or whatever it was, something like that afair) King Kong SPG.

The ''Black Prince" super-Churchill for the British?

Me.163 is already modeled, I did it for another project, so the model is in my svn folder.

Also modeled is a twin 12" coastal defence turret (like the ones that protected Sevastopol in 1942 and took Dora and Karl to crack). Range of those guns was, well, 44 km.

mhmm cool X-Weapon would be a V-2 Missile ala Werner von Braun ^^

Concept Idea would be a bunker with a place in the middle and a V-2 Rocket buildable at the Advanced Engeneer Vehicle, building a rocket costs alot of Money or a neutral V-2 Rocket building which can be captured by all players?

For sure the impact of the V-2 destroyes alot then :I

I don’t know how far the idea of the X-Units is advanced…I know the Me262 is finished and Puma is in-game, but I have in mind, to convert “Spring : Modern Warfare” to a S44-Special Weapons mod.
So maybe this can be incorporated? Ideas?