[UnitList] Kingdom of Sweden

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Swedish Artillery
Swedish Soft-skins

Pistol: m/40 pistol (9 mm) [Swedish Lahti]
Rifle: Gevär g m/38 (6.5 mm)
Semi-Automatic Rifle: Automatgevär Ag m/42 (6.5mm)
Sniper: Prickskyttegevar Pg m/41 (6.5mm)
SMG: Kulsprutepistol Kpist m/37-39 (9 mm) [Swedish Suomi]
LMG: Kulsprutegevaer Kg m/37 (7.7 mm) [Swedish BAR]
HMG: Kulspruta m/36 (6.5 mm / 8 mm) [Swedish Browning M1917A1]
AT Rifle: Pansarvärnsgevär Pvg m/42 (20 mm RCL)
AT: Pansarskott m/45

Mortar: 8 cm granatkastare m/29-34 & 12 cm granatkastare m/41 [Swedish Tampella]
Flamethrower: Eldspruta m/41

Terrängbil m/42 VLT - Light truck
Pansarvärnsluftvärnskanon Pvlv m/40 - 20mm AT/AA Gun
40mm Luftvärnskanon lvakan m/36 - 40mm Anti-Aircraft Gun [Bofors]
37mm Pansarvärnskanon m/38 - 37mm AT Gun
57mm Pansarvärnskanon m/43 - 57mm AT Gun
75mm Kanon m/02-33 or 75mm Kanon m/40 - 75mm Field gun
105mm Haubits m/40 - 105mm Medium Artillery [towed by Artilleritraktor m/43]
150mm Haubits m/39 - 150mm Heavy Artillery
Stormartillierivagn m/43 - 75mm Assault Gun

[size=150]Light Vehicles[/size]
Terrängbil m/42 KP (Tgbil m/42 SKP/VKP) - Wheeled APC
Pansarbil m/39 ‘Lynx’ - 20mm Armoured Car
Stridsvagn m/37 - MG Tankette
Stridsvagn m/40L - 37mm Light Tank
Stridsvagn m/41 SII - 37mm Light/Medium Tank [Swedish pz38t]

Stridsvagn m/41 SII - 37mm Light/Medium Tank [Swedish pz38t]
Stridsvagn m/42 - 75mm Medium Tank

S 14B - Light Recce [Swedish Fieseler Fi 156 Storch]
J 9 - Fighter [Swedish Seversky P-35] (obsolete?)
J 11 - Biplane Fighter [Swedish Fiat CR.42 Falco] (hopelessly obsolete!)
J 20 - Fighter [Swedish Reggiane Re.2000] (obsolete?)
J 22B - Fighter (4x13.2mm HMG)
B 4 - Biplane Light Bomber [Swedish Hawker Hart] (hopelessly obsolete!)
B 5 - Ground Attack [Swedish Northrop A-17] (might work: 1x500kg bomb or 2x250kg, some rifle caliber machineguns)
B 17A - Light Bomber (seems best of the lot: 2x13.2 mm HMG, ~500kg of bombs and a defensive turret)
B 18A - Bomber / Ground Attack
T 18 - Ground Attack/Tank Hunter (version of B18 with a 57mm gun, kind of similar to Japanese Ki103)
J 21A - Air superiority Fighter (IRL production was delayed till 1945 because by 1944 Sweden was not in a danger of invasion anymore)

M-3 or M-15 class minesweeper - Small armed boat (50-70 tons, 1x20mm)
T-21 (21-31) class MTB - Motor torpedo boats based on Italian MAS-500 design (2x533mm torp, 1x20mm)
Arholma class minesweeper - Artillery ship for upgraded yard (2x105mm)

(absolutely no ideas for any landing craft)

This might be of use: An Introduction to The Royal Swedish Army in WWII

Also this looks interesting. It’s in Russian, but it lists the types of Swedish armored units (including even an APC).

Tanks per type per year:

              1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 Total
CDK m/37       48   -     -   -    -    -    -    48
Landsverk m/38 16   -     -   -    -    -    -    16
Landsverk m/39 -   20     -   -    -    -    -    20
Landsverk m/40 -    -     - 100    -   80    -   180
CDK m/41*      -    -     -   -    -  220**  -   220
Landsverk m/42 -    -     -   -    -  282    -   282

* aka Pz. 38(t)
** 18 refitted into 105mm assault guns

Other armored units.

Self-propelled guns:
Sav m/43 (75mm tank destroyer based on m/41): 1943, 36 units
Sav m/44 (105mm assault gun based on m/41): 1944, ???
Pvkv m/43 (75mm tank destroyer based on m/42, NOT the same as Sav m/43): 1944, 87 units
Lvkv fm/43 (2x40mm Bofors SPAA based on m/42): 1943, ???

Armored cars:
Pbil m/31: based on commercial truck, obsolete
Pbil m/39: (20mm) 1940, 48 units
Tgbil m/42 (APC, capacity of 8 infantrymen): 1944 - postwar, 262 units

Landsverk L-180 aka Pbil m/41: built for export, 5 units intended for Estonia ended up in Swedish military

Armored engineering vehicle:
BBV m/42

Thanks, I am already aware of the first site.

Pvkv 43 did not enter service until post war (though ordered in 42 to be delivered in 44), and the 105mm re-gunning of SAV m/43 was also late 40s. Also lvkv m/43 is too late.



tankinfo.ru/Country/Shwezija … 60SIII.gif
pro-tank.ru/bronetehnika-italy-j … nk-toldi-1

a403.idata.over-blog.com/0x0-000 … TRV-74.jpg
a403.idata.over-blog.com/0x0-000 … 1-S-II.jpg
a402.idata.over-blog.com/0x0-000 … V-m-43.jpg

model-making.eu/zdjecia/6/7/ … _downl.jpg
tankinfo.ru/Country/Shwezija … rv_m37.gif


airwar.ru/image/idop/bww2/sa … ab17-1.gif
airwar.ru/image/idop/bww2/sa … ab18-1.gif

Penetration data for Swedish AT weapons: link

Armor scheme for m/42:

I found some photos which may be useful.

Pansarbil m/39 ‘Lynx’:

Link 1
Things of interest: it has two control posts (one at either end), so forward and reverse speeds should be equal.

Tgbil m/42:

Link 2
Things of interest: it has twin water-cooled MGs.

ointres.se/pansar.htm Has many photos (and high quality info)

Twin water cooled MGs are a post-war addition to SKP/VKP

m/40 armour scheme


This photo was named ‘Swedish radar’. That’s all I know about it.

Lyssnarapparat m/37

commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File: … n_1940.jpg

[14:40:23] <[S44]FLOZi> Listening Instrument TEPAS m/37
[14:40:31] <[S44]FLOZi> Lyssnarinstrument TEPAS m/37
[14:44:06] <[S44]FLOZi> possibly belgian origin used by finns too

forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic. … &start=120


Photo of model:
digitaltmuseum.no/0110243758 … 20m%2F1937

21 photo walkaround of real thing:
m.digitaltmuseum.se/things/lyssn … nt=9&pos=0

Our first radar station in 1944

Echo radio stations was the first name of the
We call radar stations today. This our first
station gained the designation S 2 (b). it was a German
Würzburg radar station of type D.
Now our 7.5 cm batteries replace headlights,
listening devices and instruments.
S 2 (b) was used as a fire-control radar.
Note that Sweden got access to this
apparatus while World War II was in progress.

The radar was a concept during the second world war. Already in 1944, we were Er2b (see page 35).
1947-1948 was a reconnaissance radar station of the anti-aircraft defence of English construction. The
called PS-23/R and used in our 10.5 cm anti-aircraft batteries.
About 1950 came an English fire-control radar PE 07/R, which was included in 10.5
cm Iuftvärnsbatterierna.
The Swedish-built reconnaissance radar PS 171/R after a French model was the successor
PS-23/R and PS-17/R
l the early 1960s made LM Eriksson reconnaissance radar PS-04/R, which included
war organization into the 1990s.
In the central sight m/48 different versions as well as in centralinstrumenteringarna 760 and 790
were built in radar, among other things, to measure the distance to the goal.


I was searching for rifle image references to make models for Japan and Italy and found this (link). Which, among other things, has a Swedish rifle:

36-1 is M96 rifle, 36-2 is a carbine.

Found reference image for the KP-bil M/42.

20mm Madsen penetration data (essentially same balistics as 20mm Madsen autocannon used on PBil Lynx)


Page also has 37mm Bofors penetration as used by several units

closecombatseries.net/CCS/mo … ic&p=13788

"The m/37 was allocated in the Cavalry battalions, and some at Gotland. Later all were transferred to Gotland.

One tank in each platoon had a 81.4mm mortar behind the turret, (over the engine hatches). In FS some tanks will be configured in this way. The mortar was used by the SP Stormpionjärer or the Pi Pansarinfanteri, (Pz and Pg infantry) which followed and fought with the tanks battalions; it was fast and for close mortar support."

PvKv m/43 armour layout i.imgur.com/TMCcm8C.jpg

Wikipedia mentions the following operations:

Rädda Danmark (“Save Denmark”) (1945) Sweden — Swedish plan to liberate Denmark before the country was occupied by the Soviet Union (cancelled because of German surrender)
(the following two are parts of Rädda Danmark)
Rädda Själland (1945) Sweden — Swedish landings on Zealand
Rädda Bornholm (1945) Sweden — Swedish landings on Bornholm

This kind of implies Sweden had at least some amphibious landing capability, but I can’t find any details :frowning:

Found a document describing Swedish infantry weapons as they were in 1951: link. It’s in Swedish of course.

They had italian MAS from ww1, then they made some on their own with the MAS as basis. They were calld T11-T14 (22ton) and T15-T20 (27ton)
During the early 50s T21-T31 (40t). This were MTBs

Thats all i found regarding WW2.

Here we have a FULL List of all Navy vessels of the Swedish Navy unt today: src

Video with m/39, m/42 tanks moving and firing and m/42 VKP and 37 & 57mm at guns and a nice tent.


Dropping this here in case we need it: Swedish tank cross-country test, compared to Sherman and Panther.

Swedish re-enactment with HMG, small arms, etc.