[UnitList] Imperial Japan

In case we decide to do this.



Pistol: Type 14 Nambu pistol (8 mm)
Rifle: Type 99 (7.7 mm)
SMG: Type 100 (8 mm)
LMG: Type 97, Type 99 (7.7 mm)
HMG: Type 92 (7.7 mm)
AT: Type 4 AT rocket launcher (70 mm)
Mortar: (several types)
Support: Type 92 Battalion Gun (70 mm)

Type 97 Isuzu TX 40 - 2-ton truck color=green

[size=150]Light Vehicles[/size]

Type 97 Te-Ke - Tankette (37 mm OR 7.7 mm MG, late modification had both gun and MG) color=green
Type 1 Ho-Ha - Halftrack APC (3x Type 97 LMG) color=green
Type 95 Ri-Ki - Armored Crane vehicle (con. vehicle) color=green

[size=150]Light Tanks[/size]

Type 95 Ha-Go (37 mm, ~2000 produced) (basic light tank?) color=green

[size=150]Amphibious vehicles (separate veh. yard upgrade)[/size]
Type 2 Ka-Mi (amphibious tank, 37 mm, 184 produced) color=green
Type 4 Ka-Tsu - amphibious APC (2x HMG, 2x450mm torpedo - yes, just like that) color=green

[size=150]Medium Tanks[/size]

Type 97 Chi-Ha (57 mm, ~2000 produced) (maybe in veh. yard after upgrade, not comparable to other side’s mediums because of weak armor) color=green
Type 97 ShinhoTo Chi-Ha (47mm, over 300 produced) (better weapon, but still weak armor) color=green
Type 1 Chi-He (47 mm, 601 produced) (basic medium? unlike Type 97, has something resembling proper medium tank armor) color=green
Type 3 Chi-Nu (75 mm, 166 produced) (adv. medium?) color=green
(exact designation unknown) Medium Assault tank (short 120mm gun) color=green

[size=150]Self-Propelled Guns[/size]

Type 94 Truck with Type 98 AA gun - Truck-mounted AA gun color=green
Type 1 Ho-Ni I - Tank Destroyer (75 mm) (open-top SPG, like SU-76) color=green
Type 1 Ho-Ni II - Self-Propelled Howitzer (105mm) (SP arty? Shorter range than most similar vehs) color=green
Type 3 Ho-Ni III - Tank Destroyer (75 mm) (fully armored, otherwise similar to Ho-Ni I) color=green
Type 4 Ho-Ro - Self-Propelled Howitzer (150 mm) (more like assault gun, lightly armored ISU-152 or some such) color=green

[size=150]Artillery[/size] (many related pics to be found there, including rather nice 2-view photos)

Type 98 20mm Anti-Air (and light Anti-Tank) gun color=green
Type 1 47mm Anti-Tank Gun color=green
Type 92 70mm Infantry Gun-Mortar color=green
Type 90 75mm Field Gun/AT (maybe this should be dedicated AT, like PaK-40) color=green
Type 91 105mm Howitzer (with Type 38 Prime Mover found here) color=green
Type 4 200mm Rocket Launcher (1 rocket only)



Kokusai Ki-76 “Stella” (Japanese light aircraft inspired by Fi.156) color=green
Nakajima Ki-43 “Oscar” (light fighter) color=green
Nakajima Ki-84 “Frank” (air superiority fighter) color=green
Mitsubishi Ki-51 “Sonia” (dive bomber) color=green - armed with several small bombs, no rockets or autocannons (but there are a couple of 7.7mm MG)
Kawasaki Ki-102b “Randy” (ground-attack aircraft/tank hunter: 1 x 57mm, 2 x 20mm, 1 x 12.7mm) color=green


[size=150]Light water craft[/size] (from boatyard)
Daihatsu infantry landing craft
Ab-Tei river gunboat color=green


Ko-hyoteki class midget submarine (50 built; 46 t displacement; 2x 450 mm torpedo tubes, 300 lb scuttling charge) color=green
ES-Tei class tank landing ship (948 t displacement)
T101 class tank landing ship (4-5 medium tanks)
A?tori class torpedo boat (8 built; 840 t displacement; 3x 12 cm guns, 1x torpedo tube, 1x 40 mm AA gun, 1x 11 mm machine gun)
Matsu, Tachibana class destroyer (32 built; ~1500 t displacement; 2x1+1 127 mm dual-purpose guns, 25 or more 25 mm AA guns, 1x 610 mm torpedo tube, depth charges)
Fubuki class destroyer (24 built; ~1750 t displacement; 3x2 127 mm dual-purpose guns, 2x1 13 mm machine guns, 3x3 600 mm torpedo tubes, depth charges)
Akizuki class destroyer (12 built; ~3700 t displacement; 4x2 100 mm dual-purpose guns, 2x2 (or more, up to at least 47) 25 mm AA guns, 4x 610 mm torpedo tubes, depth charges, radar) Page about it, with drawings.
B1 type submarine (20 built; ~3654 t displacement; 6x 533 mm torpedo tubes, 1x 140 mm gun, 1 Yokosuka E14Y “Glen” seaplane)htm]Page about it[/url], with drawings.
B1 type submarine (20 built; ~3654 t displacement; 6x 533 mm torpedo tubes, 1x 140 mm gun, 1 Yokosuka E14Y

Ah, the Chi-Ha. The Chi-Ha was the very, very, very first tank ever made for AA:TA some… jeez, 8 years ago now.

6.5mm rifle (and other weapons using this rifle round, such as machineguns) was considered too weak and was being replaced starting in the late 1930s. IMO it should not be fielded in 1944.
As for aircraft, I have Ki-15 recon plane modeled (initially for another game mod), we can use that (though it technically was obsolete by 1944, too).
Large subs (esp. large enough to be capable of carrying seaplanes) are probably out of scope for the mod. Minisubs should be ok though.

Added more stuff to Zerg’s list.

Some of these things would be interesting to do. Amphibious tanks, for one. Type 2 70mm gun is interesting in that it was designed for either close-support direct-fire, and could also lift its barrel up nearly 90 degrees to act like a mortar (actually it would make for interesting Japanese mortar). Type 4 Rocket Launcher is also interesting, in that its basically a single-tube rocket launcher mortar. So while Katyusha and Nebelwerfer are launching 6-16 rockets in salvos this thing would launch a single self-propelled rocket at a time… hehe!

German lEIG could operate exactly like that (mortar-like) if desired, btw. Quite a popular concept for infantry guns designed ‘between wars’.

Really? I’ve never seen leIG 18 do that (in pictures), and it doesn’t look like it’d be able to do that with it being so low to the ground… ohwell.

Japanese mortars:
Japanese infantry, incl. the anti-tank soldier (with a bomb-on-a-pole, basically he was expected to die in the attack)
20mm AA/AT gun:
70mm infantry gun:

We might be able to work something out with the knee mortar to make it a speciality of Japan. Perhaps include one with their rifle squad (it’d be much shorter ranged than other mortars but would give their rifle squad a bit of a boost in long-range firepower, though individually they’d still suck ass).

Some info on ships I found (just so I won’t lose it before it’s time to make them).
Too bad I can’t find all we planned, but with Japanese it really doesn’t matter - they had several numerous ship classes. At least 2 destroyers should be enough for a start. If someone finds detailed drawings for these or any other ships, let me know (I’m especially interested in hull cuts like this (link), makes modeling a very easy task).

Kagero class (link) - destoyer. 6x127mm, 4x25mm, 2x4x610mm torpedo (more AA weapons added during war)

Tachibana class (link) - simplified wartime destroyer, optimized for quick build time (at the expence of armament and speed). 3x127mm, 24x25mm, 4x610mm torpedo.

I remembered that the Japanese had the GER, MP40 as Storm infantry or something. Well they buyed alot of german weapons (cause germany needed money)

That was kind of hard to accomplish for them - how would you transport the arms from Germany to Japan after 1941 (before that it was possible via USSR which was at peace with both)? Subs were able to sneak through, but they weren’t large enough to transport small arms, they usually brought technical documentation and samples to Japans and various rare raw materials back to Germany.

The japanese had enough factories i think germany only selled them the cunstruction plans or sth. I am not sure but, Iam sure that they had german weapons too!

i remember reading germany tried to ship japan a panzer 5, for japan to base tank designs off of… either the tank was lost in shipment or it never was shipped off…

ahh found it

Japan reportedly bought a single Panther Ausf. D for reverse engineering purposes in 1943. However the tank apparently never actually made it to Japan. The Panther’s sloped armour and turret design nevertheless did influence the design of Japans last wartime tank prototypes; the medium Type 4 Chi-To and heavy Type 5 Chi-Ri.[6]

This is how Japanese anti-tank troops worked.

lol what about Ninjas? xD i mean would be cool or? fast walking soldiers black and cloaked able to plant a bomb cloaked and killing people cloaked but the soldier gets uncloaked if he comes to near of a MG nest or any other deployed positions.

They didn’t really do too much of that. I agree that dealing with armour is where this side stumbles rather heavily.

Alright, so I tried to make a S44Japan.sdd and it doesn’t seem to be working out. I followed the TortoiseSVN instructions for making a branch, but now it doesn’t detect any files not from the source I copied from (S44Italians.sdd) even if I manually add them. I would like it if somebody could sort this out, because I don’t have admin rights and don’t know how Nemo created fresh directories remotely for the other mutators.

Usually I right click in tortoise browser, hit 'create new folder", then checkout that empty folder to my mods directory and add stuff from there. I can try to do it tomorrow if you’re still having problems (I think anyone with commit access should be able to do it?), hopefully this helps.

This does not constitute in any way, shape or form an endorsement for the lunacy that is this project <_<

Well, Zerg did the ground work, and frankly they wouldn’t be as difficult to balance as Italy.

The browser, eh? I’ll fix it myself. :cry:

I feel like the utter inferiority of their ground units to the european theatre combatants will make it tricky…if in no other realm but armor. their infantry equipment was quite good I think, but late game they are well screwed with the lack of things that can handle any AP round greater than 50mm.