[UnitList] France 1940

French unit list divided by yards (sorry for delay, needed to find info first, :wink:)

French Barracks

Basic Engineer
Advanced Engineer
Rifle squad (Mas 36 Rifle)
SMG Squad (Mas 38 SMG and MAC FM 1924/29 LMG)
HMG Squad (Hotchkiss 1914 HMG)
Mortar Squad (Mortier Brandt de 81 mm Modele 27/31)
Sniper Squad (Lebel 1886/M93 Rifle)
Laffly S35T (Supply Track)

Big supply depot

Lorraine 38L VCBP (Fully tracked APC) (Model)

Light Vehicle depot

Laffly S35 (Construction vehicle) (Model)
Laffly S35T (Supply truck) (Model)
Laffly S35P (Poonton truck) (Almost finished)
AMD 35 Panhard 178 (Armoured car) (Model)
Lorraine 38L VCBP (Fully tracked APC) (Model)

Light armor upgrade

Hotchkiss H-39 (Light Tank) (Model)

Towed gun yard

Mitrailleuse de 25mm Mle1939 (AA gun)
Canon de 47mm L/53 Mle1937 (AT gun)
Canon de 75mm Modele 1897/33 (AT gun)
Canon de 105 mle 1913 Schneider (Ligth Howitzer) (Model)

Self-propelled armour upgrade

Canon GPF de 155mm (Heavy Howitzer)
Laffly W15T (Anti-tank truck) (Model)

Tank destroyers updgrade

Somua Sau-40 (Model)

Tank depot

Hotchkiss H-39 (Light Tank) (Model)
Renault AMC-35 ACG1 (Light Tank)
Renault D2 (Medium Tank) (Model)

Adv Medium Tanks upgrade.

Somua S-35 (Medium Tank) (Model)

Heavy Tanks upgrade.

Char B1 bis (Heavy Tank) (Model)


Potez Po-637.A3 (Observation aircraft)
Arsenal VG 33 (Fighter)
Dewotine D-520 (Fighter)
Morane Saulnier M.S. 406 (Fighter)
Potez 630 C3 (Heavy Fightger)
Potez Po-633 AB2 (Light Bomber)

source: ww2drawings.jexiste.fr/Files/2-A … planes.htm


Classe Le Fantasque - destroyer leader (Heavy Destroyer)
Classe la Melpomène (Escort Destroyer)
Classe Simoun Class-D28-39 (Destroyer)
Classe Nord Caper (Auxiliar Patrol Ship)
Classe CH5 (Light Gunboat)

Uvmaps, skins, animations, scripts


  • drop the cruiser. Really, it’s too big :slight_smile:
  • add some form of water transport. There should have been some landing craft in pre-war French navy.
  • add some patrol/gun boats. Again, there should have been some, France beeing a colonial power.

Some more detailed propositions on ships:
Le Fantasque - destroyer leader (heavy destroyer)
(some under 1000t destroyer class I forgot the name of)

I was digging a bit and found this pics
This one is for Nord Caper Auxiliar patrol ship
It’s a bit difficult to find transport ships as it seems they used ferrys
and wood boats, i continue the search, :wink:

I was about to link you to that same pic (or rather the site that has it, since it also has good list of ships + their stats and all that for all the major WW2 participants), but I forgot the url of it. Plus the page was in French, which I don’t really know.

La Melpomène class destroyer (I can’t find a proper English word for the class, imo ‘torpedo boat’ does not suit). This should do nicely as an escort destroyer type.

Submarine chaser, also does for a light gunboat.

Ship list modified, :wink:

I found references on this site:

worldnavalships.com/forums/f … ay.php?f=8

Le Fantasque was a Anti-destroyer or Chase-Destroyer (contre-torpilleurs) maybe
it should use his french designation, :wink:

I see the Nord Caper on your pic looks surprisingly like the German Vorpostenboot. You may want to take that model and tweak it a bit (replace German guns with French ones for a start), and there will be your first ship. On the other hand, the ship is also not very unlike a Flower corvette, you may want to tweak that model instead (France was building some Flower class corvettes, so that may well be one of them).
As for your source of references, that forum does not allow guests to view attachments. Can you post one of them here maybe? To make a good model, I need pics like that one, do your references contain the same info?

This is because Nord Caper was used later by Germany with this designation, as other fishing boats :wink:
Outside forum i found specifications: worldnavalships.com/french.htm
Included reference pics.

Note: La Flore is of La Melpomène class, so one of those two needs to be removed (it it’s the same La Flore you meant when composing the list).

You might like to add more aircraft. Preferably the ones that Finland will need. :wink:

I found some candidates for french, one for finland:

Arsenal VG 33 (1940)
Morane Saulnier M.S. 406 (1938) Finland?
Potez 630 (1938)

flightgear.org/forums/viewto … =45#p69652

The Finnish one is actually already on the list, but thank you!

I was looking into your tank selection, might it be useful to include the AMR 35 (ZT2 and/or ZT3) or, perhaps, the FCM 36?

Also, what happened to the Citroen U23? There were ~13,000 in service when the war began, if I recall.

For information: there is a set of blueprints for Aigle class large destroyer (also usable for Vauquelin class as differences are minimal). Just in case drawings of Le Fantasque would prove hard to find.

As those are scans from official military plans, they even have things like arcs of fire for ship’s weapons and such.