the legs of german rifle(i will finish it tomorrow). should i keep making units?

Ankles look a bit fat, but otherwise its OK.

:angry: the head is hard but it will be ready soon :neutral_face:(arms look too square i will add 1 more side)

The model as is isn’t suitable for Spring as there is no support for bones / IK in Spring.

is this idea good?there aren’t going to be any hole while rotating but it is gonna look like robots :imp: and it will work only at =<90

I was thinking this, spherical ends may flow better together??

yes this will work at 360 but it looks like puppetsXD i will try both maybe arms will be with 90 and legs with 360

You can use various tricks to explain the joints. Things like armor, vests, bunched up clothing, (very long) gloves, etc can be used. Those aren’t the only techniques, of course. Check out this old thread on the spring forums for some tips: spring.clan-sy.com/phpbb/viewtop … 14&t=12455

(personally, I don’t think KDR’s method is ideal–it uses a lot more polygons and IMO even disregarding the faces they look too cartoony and I have a suspicion a ‘realistic’ texture would break his effect)