[UNIT] Waffen SS Squad for S44 Tactics

Quickly threw some stuff together; couple new gun models (StG 44, Gewehr 43) and some modification of German Inf texture and voila.

Waffen SS squad will come with:

3 x StG 44 Assault Infantry (also armed with geballte ladung “bunched” heavy grenade)
4 x Gewehr 43 Carbine Riflemen
1 x Gewehr 43 “Marksman” (fires faster than a Sniper, but shorter ranged and less powerfully and far less pinning)
1 x Panzerschrek
1 x MG42

Looks very good. However i am quite curious what the effect on gameplay would be, since that team looks like it’s good against both tanks (at close range anyway) and infantry.

Nasty mix of firepower. How will this be included in the game?

Look at the thread title. It’s for Tactics (baseless) mode. Players will be able to ‘purchase’ this squad, probably for a far greater cost than regular infantry.

Ah, I always thought that was referred to as “Deployment” mode. Would be nice to have as a barracks option, given that the Germans don’t have a “special” infantry type like the other three factions (Airborne/Commando/Flamethrower/Partisan).


They maybe get the “Volkssturm” as “special infantry” as far as I remember however I heard that the German Paratroopers were highly skilled. But i would agree to0.

Adding units for the sake of having something roughly comparable on every side is poor design. Until we discern a specific and suitable role for this kind of infantry squad in the regular build, it should not be included there. As for tactics, not my deal, so whatever spiked wants, goes :stuck_out_tongue:

Volksturm? Isn’t that basically militia? SS makes more sense to me or Fallschirmjäger would be good too, even tho they weren’t used much as airborne infantry they were still pretty good i think.

Well, Volkssturm would be more equivalent to partisans - cheap, weak infantry. And in terms of how they were actually used and deployed, I wouldn’t give them “sneak” abilities; they’d be more like last-ditch defensive units mass-produced when you’re about to be overrun. German paratroopers were something of a non-presence on the field (they did see service as regular infantry, but the only paradrop they conducted in the last half of the war was a small one in support of the Ardennes Offensive).

As far as a regular-build use for the Waffen-SS squad, perhaps shock troops? Add an increased resistance to pinning (reflecting their “fanatical” reputation) and they could be employed in breaking defenses or base assaults. I’d make them pricey, though - at least costing equivalent to a Commando unit.

This is very true, it gives the player the motivation to play other sides too. However I think some things are a must have for a WW2 game. I just want to say 88mm Flak… One of the most famous weapons by Germans for defending or like Rommel for offensive. It should also be possible to win a game by being more the defender type. Cuz every player has his own style, I am more the defensive player and i miss defensive weapons. S44 is a very offensive style game i think…

Ditto for me, although in other mods I’m more one to exploit ridiculously overpowered fixed weapons. In 1944 I usually end up using my German/Soviet heavy tanks as mobile AT/arty guns, since upper-tier tanks and assault guns can take out the towed AT pieces.