[UNIT] Twin-engine bombers

Here are the 4 twin-engine medium bombers (in fact all of them could be used for other roles, too), one for each side.

Germany: Junkers 88 A-4

UK: De Havilland Mosquito

USA: Douglas A-26B Invader

USSR: Pe-2

Currently those are just not UVMapped (and so not textured) models.

Looking great. Did you choose the a-26 over the b-25 to be more comparable with the other nations’ planes?

Also, will all those guns be usable in-game, or is it going to be bombs-only?
18 .50 cals. including the turrets, wow.

The A-26 is going to be a bit nuts, yeah, but it’s also going to be something of a stalemate-breaker. Rockets, bombs, and aforementioned 18 .50 cals.

There’s 1 more, not exactly twin-engined, but still a medium bomber.

ive never even heard that bomber before! :astonished: (even with MY nat geo & history channel knowledge!)

Look here. That plane was as characteristic of Regia Aeronautica as the Stuka was of Luftwaffe.

hmmm that looks like a good aircraft. I looks like it was pretty quick as well

Yes, was faster than contemporary fighters (of the 1930s). 400 kmh wasn’t that impressive for a bomber during 1940s however. It still was widely used as a bomber, Italians had nothing better produced in quantity.


personaly though i think your choice of the A-26 is stupid. not one of the other bombers are so powerfull. why not the B-25?

the americans made quite a few twin engined bomber,s so you have plenty to choose from.

and if i am right, not all variants of the a-26 had the solid nose riddled with MG’s.

so in other words, a little more homework and the bombers will all be balanced nicely.

Perhaps we also are rather well informed about the various medium and attack bombers used by the US during the war?

As far as my own opinion on what is foolish and what is not - I think it is stupid (to adopt your language) to comment on the balance of a unit before it has entered the game. Perhaps the A-26 will cost more/take longer to build given its relative power? Perhaps it’ll arrive alone, while other bombers will come in a group of 2 or 3? Perhaps we’ll have it use incendiary bombs instead of general high explosive? Perhaps we WANT the US to have a more powerful bomber to balance out their armor weakness? And so on.

Please, if you’re going to insult the dev team, at least make it entertaining, and not just ‘stupid.’

Sweet, I’m guessing ya’llr going to use the B-17 as the American heavy bomber? I can’t wait to carpet bomb masses of tankettes and russian troops :smiley: .

fire bombs would probaly be OP because when stuff is set on fire you have a 0.0000001% of having a fire brigade and the whole map full of grass burns. in that respect, stay with HE. i must admit though, it is a great idea.

also, it doesnt say anything about it using rockets, whoever said that (i am sure someone did)

i presume we are going with model A-26B…

in wich case, the A-26 will be better then the rest. of course, then you do get numbers on the field…

1 or 2 at the max IMHO.

also the PE-2 concernes me… i presume we are using the PE-2B model (made 1944 onwards).

it has mearely 1 cannon and 1 machinegun fixed to fire foward, and 1 single ventral and dorsal machinegun for the gunners.
coupled with its low bombload, im worried it may be slightly UP. ofcourse more colud be sent, but then you may have trouble shooting them all down.
one brightenner however is the ammo count - 1000 rounds per fixed foward gun and 800 per turret.(on a sidenote, its fast)

JU-88 should be fine, and so should the mosquito.

of course the mossies’ bombload my worry some but, remember it was used as a fighter with outstanding success.

This InfoGram made for YOU by your friendly Petslinki FS pilot.

We’re not including heavy bombers, because 1) they were never used as direct tactical support and 2) the bombload from a single strategic level bomber would cover most of the map, which would be bad gameplay.


LPS seal of aprooval.

a heavy bomber would be nutz.

and no idiots saying “WHY CANT GBR USE MANCHESTER WAHH”
it was the earlier 2 engined lancaster that is shit.

Nemo is right its nonsense to include heavy bombers.
The US bombed Dresden with no tactical sense only civilians were there the hole city was flat after the flyover and ~600 000 civilians lost there lifes, Desden is a big City.

However they used a kind of ultraflamable bombs… anyway it would be shit to include a really heavy bomber for mass-destruction, or do you want a map only with civilans which you can bomb to the moon? one fly over and the enemy would end like crap, so there would be no fun in-game.

The Twin/three engine bombers are okay and really great, to the fly system by it self, it would be cooler for the heavy bombers to give a “bomb order” so you click on the radar choose a bomber and then you hit with the mouse the place you want to get bombed. I think its more comfortable, also much more fair for the enemy player ^^ for balancing i would give every bomber in every faction the same bombs in kg or how every you guys call it in English :slight_smile:

Just a idea.

i do see your point about equal bomb loads, but realism doesnt like that!

just send in more of the damn things :wink:

well in reality Germany shoot V1 and i remember V2 missils on GB some hit and some didnt start.
However the warhead was fat enough to kill enough. But thats reality, the maps arent big enough for (HBs) that i think, also the US and GB only Bombed big citys like Dresden, Essen, Berlin, Hamburg. I cant remember that they would send Heavy Bombers directly over the enemy for carpetbombing they had been shoot before they reached the target.

What ever the devs will find a idea^^

Hm. Did not the allies use heavy bombers to carry out high altitude, daytime attack on German armor in Africa? I thought so, but maybe I’m mistaken.

(Come on… having half the map being flattened by a HB or two would be entertaining! Or maybe we just need (way) bigger maps?)

((oh… what about nukes? :smiling_imp: ))

yeah nukes in 1944 you should now that nagasaki was after the Wehrmacht was Defeated and mhmm i think that was in 1945.
So nukes are totaly out of range for a player in this time i think. However i think the sourcecodes of 1944 are free you can make Spring 1945+ mod and you can add nukes by yourself if you want/can :stuck_out_tongue: ^^